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  1. That's what I was thinking too as I feel that the ones after the crash will really bring down my score. Im also thinking that they will make the second one much harder since this means that we would have done a full practice test! have they said which dates/times they have available for you?
  2. Hi All, So I took Casper on Oct 29th at 2pm and was part of the group that experienced the crash. Prior to the crash, I did 8-9 sections and I think I did well on them (well enough not to rewrite) however, after the crash, I resumed the test and wrote another 3-4 and feel that I didn't do well on them since I was so tired and stressed! I emailed Casper about this and they said that even though I don't need to rewrite, I can if I want to...any advice on whether I should rewrite or not? Thanks!!
  3. I am a bit worried, I did 8 prompts before thebreak and only had two after...I didnt have 12 in total. did this happen to anyone else?
  4. arewe supposed to receive a confirmation email after copmleting the test?
  5. Me as well...keeps saying to "try back in a few minutes" and technical support is not replying
  6. I would definitely log on to see...there is still an error message showing but just in case..you don't want to miss the beginning of your test.
  7. Just got this reply... We are aware that many of you are currently experiencing some issues with your CASPer test. We apologise for the inconvenience of this issue. We are dealing with an eternal site issue that is causing some unexpected test behaviour and loading issues. Please close your test and await further instruction. We will let you know when you will be able to resume your test. Your patience with this issue is much appreciated. Best regards, Leah
  8. Yeah thats what Im getting. I wrote this in the question mark bubble thing but no one is replying
  9. Anyone else having tehcnical issues on Casper???
  10. Okay thanks. Yeah, there doesn't seem to be much out there regarding advice on how to format your answers. I think its safer to go with full sentences too.
  11. Hi maybe now. I didn't click on the link in OMSAS as didn't know what the validation code was. I just went directly to the AAMC website and did it from there!
  12. Do you guys have advice for the format in which to answer the question?
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