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  1. Hi everyone, I have begun preparing for the MCAT this summer with TPR (will be taking the hyperlearning course), and I was wondering if anyone has an existing and effective study schedule (for 3-4 months) OR any helpful suggestions about how much time per week should be allocated to various subjects and study books. Thank you in advance!
  2. ALSO, what does everyone think is a reasonable amount of schools to apply to? (considering that I will be applying to graduate and medical schools) I was thinking about 5-6 for each, so 10-12 in total? I appreciate the help:)
  3. Thanks for the message, and encouragement! It was very helpful of you to include the list of schools. I will look into it, and most likely take physics and English next year when I am applying.
  4. Hey, I am sorry for the late reply, I was never notified via email that messages were left. Thanks for your help again. Looking at the GPA conversion table, I think my estimates were about right. And as for the course load, I can definitely add a course next semester which will make my 4th year a full-course load one. It is my 2nd year that is giving me a problem. I am from Ontario, so I will look more closely into the schools that you have mentioned. Do you know anything about Western/Windsor medical school? I will do some research nonetheless. My biggest worry at the moment is pr
  5. wow! thanks for that... I was actually considering of going into neuropsych along with clinical psychology, because I know someone who is doing that. I will definitely look into that.
  6. Sorry for the late reply...and thanks for the feedback. If that is the case, I can take a full course load this year because I would just need to add an extra course next semester. And that way my last two years will be pretty much "full-course loaded"; it is just my second year that is bringing me down because I took less credits and did poorly.
  7. 1st year- 7.7 GPA ~3.65?? (30 credits) 2nd year- 7.43 GPA ~3.5?? (28 credits=22 credits during the year+6 in the summer) 3rd year- 8.5 GPA ~3.9?? (30 credits=27 during the year+3 in the summer) 4th year- in process (27 credits during the year+6 credits in the summer or next semester) So I only took a full course load in my first year, and in the second year I had to drop a 6 credit course which set me back and resulted in me having less credits that academic year. My third year was packed with volunteer work one semester so I only have 27 credits, and this final year I am planning on c
  8. Thank you for the reply. I know that I cannot make a judgement of my chances as a candidate, because I have not completed my undergrad and I have no taken the MCAT to see my marks. Although I have considered to apply for both clinical psychology programs and medical schools, I think that may be quite difficult to carry out because then I won't be able to put 100% of my effort and dedication in either process. I would also need to complete my GRE test and subject test, MCAT test, and complete both application procedures at the same time. Isn't that a bit too ambitious? I was considering to co
  9. Hi guys:) , I am at a crossroads and unable to make a decision of whether to apply to clinical psychology or medical school. Currently I am in my 4th and last year of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree and am planning to apply to graduate school in fall 2014. So far I have: -completed Biology(B+), Chemistry(, Organic Chemistry(, Calculus(A+), Biochemistry(A+), and an intro to Physics(B+) -volunteered in a mental health unit of a hospital for 2 years -have done 6 months of volunteering at a research lab at CAMH -have volunteered in a cognitive psychology lab and am completi
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