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  1. Waterloo Life sci (ESPICALLY biochem) is not easier than Western Med sci, not by any stretch. Also, coop is not as good as it used to be. I went to UW life sci (bio major w/coop) and I'm in medicine now, if you're set on medicine for sure, go to western
  2. Why does this page from the government contradict everything said here, stating that there will be shortages in the future? https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/marketreport/outlook-occupation/4092/ca Here's a quote : "Although this occupational group has had balanced market in recent years, projected job openings are expected to be substantially higher to job seekers, creating a shortage of workers over the 2015-2024 period" Based on this report you would think the golden age of dentistry is coming back! I'm too cynical to trust the feds, but surely they can't be this out of touch (assum
  3. hello, Do any previous applicant know if we can check the status of the reference letters (whether there were received) after we submit the app on OMSAS? My app is done, but 2 of my referees still haven't submitted the ref letters. I wanted to know when they do, but I don't want to submit if I can't check the status anymore. Thanks
  4. Hello all, For the degree finish date and the conferred date in OMSAS, the drop-down menu only goes up to 2018. I am in a co-op degree, which makes it longer. So I finish in 2019, despite starting in fall 2014. What should I put as the option?
  5. Though I'd start posting as results are coming out Result: GPA IP/OOP DAT (AA + PAT) Interview Year of study My results: Waitlisted 3.90 IP DAT (21 + 20) Didn't ask score 4th year UG
  6. I, for one, got rekt by the PAT section . Coulda sworn time moved faster during the PAT lol. **Looks up at clock** '30 min left'. **Looks up 2 seconds later**, '20 minutes left'
  7. I wish my prof realized how 1 percent makes a difference when he gave me that 79 loool
  8. Exactly my point Although I hope they at least give that some sort of informal consideration. It seems very peculiar that they would allow such a glaring discrepancy without at least some fraction of consideration.
  9. Is that hyperbole, or is the majority of the class actually York/Mac. Just curious
  10. Yep, so as I said in the original post, right billysingh? Unless I'm misunderstanding the email
  11. I think you are overthinking this This is how GPA has always been calculated (what I said above). Trust me
  12. For Western dentistry they DON'T use GPA. You just calculate your average like any other average. Like a mean of your courses. For Western meds, they use the latter (in your response). That is, you convert each course to GPA, then average those. In fact, that's how GPA is always calculated
  13. From my understanding, it depends on your final grade that shows up on your transcript. Like you might get percentage as the midterm result for example, but the final grade might show up as a letter.
  14. Wait, I think you're confusing this with the GPA scale. Both the letter-grade and the percentile grade go from 3.7-->3.3 from 79 to 80. In the letter-grade its B+ --> A-, in the percentile its 79-->80. These are equivalent when you convert to gpa (3.7 --> 3.3). I just meant specifically for Western dents, which as far as I know doesn't use GPA
  15. Ya I guess. It just seems to me that the better option would be to maybe put everyone on the letter grade system first, then take the midpoint grade after. That way its at least standardized. I find it strange that no attempt has been made at standardizing this grading system, especially since it can cause big differences. An overall average of 95% is miles from 90%
  16. From my understanding, western calculates your percentile average like so: - If your uni gives letter grades, they take the midpoint of that grade range (A+ = 95) - If your uni gives percentile grades, they calculate your average normally Won't this allow for some possibly significant differences between the two marking schemes. For example, a guy with a school that gives % grades gets 90% in 10 courses. His average for that year is 90%, while a person in a letter grade school would be 95% ( all A+s). Wouldn't it be a better idea to just use one system (ie. Letter grades) as to solve the
  17. Rmorelan missed your presentation today, had a bio midterm
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