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  1. Just a quick GPA question: If you have more than a full course load, do med schools only count the 5 courses a term, or do they consider all courses? In my case, I go to UWaterloo ( first year rookie ), and the way it works here is that courses are 0.5 credits, and labs are 0.25 credits. A full course load would be 5 courses so 2.5 credits a term, but I have 3 credits a term due to having 2 labs this term. So would the med schools use only the 5 courses in the calculations, or also include labs. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it
  3. Was wondering if there is any general consensus on which of these two universities is the easier one. I know its not really fair to say based on anecdotal evidence but since no one went to both of them, at least I'm assuming so, any opinions/experiences would be appreciated Forgot to mention, I'm talking about life science in both
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing your experienced opinions
  5. did anyone who did coop in their undergrad find that it hindered their marks, or was there no difference to their GPA? I was wondering because Im considering going coop.
  6. Thanks a lot for that helpful info man. And to answer your question I was thinking of doing coop for the reasons you just stated mainly to develop Professional skills/experience, since as of yet I don't have any work experience. I was thinking if trying to get a placement(s) related to dentistry just like you said, which I'm thinking would help in the interview. Also coop seems to be a good consideration to help if somehow I change my mind which I'm pretty sure is not happening but who knows what God has in store, the unexpected might happen.
  7. So mcmaurader are years 3 and 4 not used or would they also combine terms of different years? And thanks for the input ostracized, still thinking things over
  8. I'm a gr12 student currently thinking about his university choices as the date for applications is getting near. I'm sure many of you recall the deep thought and possible confusion... well maybe not. Anyways, i was thinking of going to Waterloo for life science (coop), maybe biology. I was wondering how the coop terms will affect the way the dental schools look at my course load and what not. The program has the following schedule: year 1: school, school, off year 2: school, work, school year 3: work, school, work year 4: school, work, work year 5: school, school. I know for exampl
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