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  1. Did you do this is Halifax? I inquired about hospice volunteering last year but didn't have any luck finding anything.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some ideas on what others have done for medically related volunteering? I'm a mature applicant and haven't had much experience in the hospital. I work full time during the day which makes it difficult to take advantage of some of the opportunities at the hospital to try and close the gap. I have extensive community volunteer experience but I'm really struggling with finding something that fits in my schedule to help in the medically-related category. I've been helping with meal assistance at the hospital and have been a FeedNS Helpline volunteer, but I w
  3. We should probably start posting in the Accepted, etc thread I'll be waiting until I'm home from work to check my letter......can't risk ugly-crying at work! Haha
  4. Oops.....not sure why this posted twice ?! Sorry about that!
  5. Mine always had those filled in. Just take a deep breath everyone, we'll know soon enough
  6. Mine always had those filled in. Just take a deep breath everyone, we'll know soon enough
  7. Eff. I see it now. I won't be looking until I'm home this afternoon....good luck all
  8. Really?? That's awesome Ardorous, congrats!! My email isn't showing anything yet....
  9. Bahaha....I agree! I won't be able to read the letter at work because mascara doesn't lie I just got another email from Dalhousie Faculty of.......Engineering. Seriously. This week?? I really think they're just intentionally messing with me now.
  10. That's my thought as well. I feel like it'll be tomorrow or Thursday.
  11. Haha. Replace the computer with a cell phone and that would pretty much be me!!
  12. I guess this is just what happens when you put a group of analytical people in a chat room....we all look for clues everywhere! Even though we're no closer to finding out the dates by speculating it still makes me feel better to know that it's not just me going through all of this. And it gives me a place to talk about it without driving my family and friends nuts!!
  13. When you apply online you enter your grades for all classes to calculate the GPA that Dal uses in your application. I believe it was rounded to the nearest 10th, but I can't fully remember at this point. Depending on how your undergrad institution calculates your GPA it may be slightly different. I'm really not an expert in this though, so hopefully someone else can be of more help. I'm also IP so don't know much about OOP applications.
  14. As much as I hate to admit it I think you're right. My brain knows it, but my stomach and nerves haven't clued in....unfortunately it's going to be yet another week on high-alert!!
  15. I hear ya RedDragon11. I find weekends and evenings easy to get through but as soon as I get to my desk on Monday morning I can't think of anything else but admissions letters! It'll be another day of routinely refreshing this page for me! I really hope that they are kind to us and release them early in the week...
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