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  1. Hey, you're absolutely right and this is direct approach I will be using. Do you think all this much prep will kinda screw up my vibe. I'm just naturally confident and good talker. Would it benefit me a lot to memorize some step by step method in answering their questions, or practicing a lot?
  2. I have a CARS score of 125 and on overall MCAT 508. My wGPA will be >3.8 and I have great ECs. I'm applying this year, but juts wanted some input from you guys. Maybe there is other ON schools that are better suited for me who don't take CARS so seriously. I know that Queen's process is relatively a mystery (as far as numbers are concerned). Any input would be great. Unfortunately, this was my 2nd MCAT try and so I think this is my true CARS score and can't improve much on it. Thanks.
  3. Hello there. I didn't read your thread, but here's my 2c. I was in your situation, and I chose to work after my graduation from my first degree. Working, and being away from school gave me much needed clarity about my life and to set the right goals for myself. I say work a couple of years and re-evaluate your choice of doing med. I'm now back in school improving my grades. All the best to you.
  4. The rent $525/month is all-inclusive: All utllities, Hi-speed WiFi. Washer, dryer and dishwasher all in condo. Room in a 3-bedroom condo. Two bathrooms. We have four bus routes to university and a bus ride there is only 12 minutes. Free access to Rec centre= weights room, pool, table tennis, squash courts. Beautiful and safe neighbourhood. The condo is very clean, quiet, and you'll have very respectful roommates. Room has a mattress, study desk and office chair. Available immediately. PM me.
  5. Hey guys don't worry, I just heard back from them and I've been told to ignore that email. It takes time to get that updated. Mine just did today, so as long as you submitted your score, it should be ok (re-send it one more time, just to be sure). Good luck you guys!
  6. Hi, A quick opinion of people here. My GPA is a bit below the 3.2 required even after the lowest year dropped. Would it be worth to apply (ignoring the rest of the application like ECs)? I'm In-province applicant and working to get my grades up this year, but wanted to apply considering the admissions process is holistic. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys. I just changed my venue and cancelled my Sept 11th Edmonton seat. Go ahead and register if you need it. Cheers.
  8. Ah I see, thanks guys. I'm new to the process and couldn't find this information anywhere else. Cheers!
  9. Hi guys, Do you know if the last year GPA is considered in the average to send out invite for an interview. So for example if I apply for admission to MD Fall 2016, will my academic average in 2015/2016 be considered? Because I noticed that invites are sent out in Jan/Feb, so that means they don't consider the last year. Which means if you don't meet the GPA cutoff for pre-2015 years, then no invite? I'm mostly interested in schools: uCalgary, Queens, Western, Ottawa and Dal. Any response will be appreciated. What're your thoughts. Thanks.
  10. Wow look a sask person, haha. Hey I could join you. Only thing is I'm in stoon only on few weekends, and live in Regina. We could meetup on weekends to catch what we've learned. PM me.
  11. Hey there, Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I've heard that the UofC is pretty good for non-trads. I'm an IP, but not the best GPA, and will be pursuing a second undergrad degree. I'm just concerned how they'll treat my application. Is there ways to strengthen my application. I'm pretty good at interviews, have research exp (no pub), international + local leadership volunteerism, clinical lab work experience, and genuinely passionate about medical sciences. I'm taking a huuuge risk, 'cause I'm leaving behind a great career job and heading back to school If I
  12. I've lived in both cities. Sask is more diverse, bigger, more lively and good looking. Regina is similar but less beautiful. But regina has most headquarters and govt facilites since its the capital. All in all they're sister cities. But i prefer s'toon. The river in s'toon's a bonus Maybe someone can provide you with a more med program based differences.
  13. What is the better option at UofS? Considering that this is my second undergrad degree, and I need to have the best possible grades out of this new degree. I'm interested in both degrees, and I prefer to have a straight forward marking scheme with short answer or MCQs instead of essays and group projects (where marking is prof dependant). What are your opinions? Thanks. Happy first day of spring (riiiiiight)!
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