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  1. I also wonder what the deviation on clerkship evaluations are like... seems like everyone gets "good to above average" results, but no one is scoring "perfectly" the way we did in our undergrad classes. It's not even comparable, I don't think. But on the other hand, I also worry a lot about CaRMS... just not my clerkship evals as much ahaha
  2. How did it change? Are the CASPerfect tests still good prep?
  3. I've seen my friends in the US start to get it (nurses in a major medical city) and I'm super jealous.
  4. I feel a ton of nostalgia looking at those old 90s cars. Might buy a 90s Corolla just to remind myself of being a kid in my dad's car
  5. idk I always have time for lunch. Hospital caf sells food at cost for a reason. Kind of stingy with the portions, and the food is bland (but healthy) but also cheap. My biggest issue is finding time to get the morning caffeine fix in, and being able to drink it mask-free
  6. I've never heard this comparison before, even though both are clearly not patient-facing specialties. Most people either love or hate path, but when you think about it... rads is just electric/digital path. Still, path isn't a ROAD specialty while Rads is.
  7. It's surprisingly uncommon, actually. I wish it was more common! The purpose of publicly funded medical schools are to produce doctors for the public system, so these endeavours are often seen as running counter to the goals of the system. MD/PhDs on the other hand are more likely to get involved in these things, simply because they have the resources to tinker, and the time (3 years for research).
  8. One of my best purchases ever was a set of construction grade ear muffs. I used them to study for my MCAT and sleep in a noisy house. Best $20 I've ever spent.
  9. Preclerskhip isn't a "joke" - it's kind of a grind, but I agree it doesn't feel super important. Study as much as you can and want, and don't stress - the real learning will come after. You'll realize that most of the detail you're taking in during preclerkship will go out the window, and those major concepts that will be important will stick.
  10. ...honestly, if CASPer is killed, you could get into McMaster. This calculator (which is probably out of date) is an estimate based on some posts on this forum before. https://casperfect.ca/mcmaster-medicine-2#calculator With a 132 CARS (100th percentile), you could cancel out a 3.1 GPA (almost 0th percentile, since 3.0 GPA is the Mac application minimum). If you score well on CASPer, you could get an interview. Post-interview, it's 70% interview score, 15% GPA, 15% CARS. Assuming again that your CARS and GPA cancel out to make you "average", it becomes almost entirely based on your in
  11. Hey! Yes, I know one former nurse in my class. They're a great student, and honestly seem super knowledgeable. So it's definitely possible.
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