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  1. No, from the experience of my friends, the salary they provide is on top of paying dental school. And being 100% dead set on ortho is your call to make! If you enter dental school with an open mind, you may realize you like another field or that you don't want to specialize once you actually start doing different procedures I also have to add that even a first year dentist should not be making 80k if he's flexible (time wise and location wise) lol
  2. If you want to join the army, they pay dental school for you, with a 60k/yr salary on top during dental school, with a guaranteed 140k/yr starting salary, which goes up every year. If you want to specialize through the army, once you've done your x years of service as a general dentist, they will pay specialty school for you on top of your usual salary. (source: friend is in the army as a dentist now)
  3. I plan out my day, not by time but by tasks If I'm done all the tasks I wanted to get done early, I take the rest of the day off
  4. Haha oui vous avez tout a fait raison, il faut se pratiquer!
  5. Ouais le couteau qui vient avec la trousse Faites pleins de recherches en lignes pour des tests pratiques pour la perception visuelle, ca aide vraiment. Ouais, je suis presentement a UL
  6. Je vais devoir confirmer que cest tres facile davoir plus que 5, mais les notes ne sont pas habituellement tres basses. Moi et mes amis nous avons tous eu genre 20 et plus. Mais ce n'est pas du tout pris en compte! Personnellement pour me pratiquer, j'ai acheté des savons de l'ADC et le couteau buffalo pis jai fait des pratiques
  7. People do this to get into med school too. It isn't exclusive to dent
  8. To be honest, I believe the # of applicants has more to do with the public perception of 'the rich dentist' than it does with the facts also just my 2 cents
  9. Hope you're right. Let us know how speaking with your MP went?
  10. If you don't want to accept this, propose a way to change the trend? I feel like it's more of something inevitable..
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