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  1. Just adding to what Epona said for 5-6: I'm a really outdoorsy person so I've really enjoyed Kingston so far. We did a couple of hikes in the Fall (a bunch of preclerks went), which I'm really looking forward to again. Our class also went to Montreal for the weekend in November. Kingston's pretty close to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, so it also makes general travel to these cities easier. While I did not go, a few of my classmates also went on a "History of Medicine" weekend trip to Ottawa a couple of months ago, so there are quite a few opportunities to travel with your classmates! And as wa
  2. I'm finishing up first year at Queen's, so I'd also be more than happy to answer any questions
  3. To echo IMislove, they look at cGPA and 2yrGPA, and then as long as one of them meets the cutoff, you pass the GPA portion. Just focus on your MCAT now and don't get too bogged down by your cGPA. I'm sure there have been people with low cGPAs that have gotten in (keep in mind that not everyone feels comfortable posting that they had a really low GPA). My wGPA wasn't much higher than yours
  4. That information hasn't been released. I've seen people claim that the MMI is worth more than the panel, and vice versa, on this forum, so it's all speculation. I definitely kept thinking about the weighting once I had finished my interview too, so I understand, but it won't change anything now, so just enjoy being done and try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know)!
  5. I fully missed this - sorry! For what it's worth: The school of medicine website shows the courses that make up each year, so that might be useful (https://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/prospective_students/curriculum) . One thing that queen's emphasizes is small group learning (SGL). For each half of the year, we're placed into a different SGL group. Each course usually has SGL sessions spread out throughout the week, so these allow us to work in groups to solve questions, case studies, etc. They also try to stratify the groups based on academic background, so that's really helpful
  6. Here are a few things that I absolutely love about the program: 1. It's a small program! I've really found it to be fairly tight-knit, and you get to know everyone in your class (and a bunch of the upper years) very quickly. Everyone is very supportive and helpful, and all of the upper years have been so wonderful in helping us settle in. 2. Kingston is small, but so, so beautiful - and the med building and hospital are right by the water! There are also a lot of hiking places that are a reasonable distance from here, which I love! 3. The faculty is incredible. They really giv
  7. I had a 125 on CARS and an overall score of 508 on the MCAT - it might make things a bit tougher but it's definitely not impossible. Different schools weigh things differently, so don't give up!
  8. If you take a look at the Interview Invites and the Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected threads you can see the different GPA/MCAT/EC combos that got interviews/acceptances. I think there are several with cGPAs within the 3.7s and/or wGPAs < 3.8. Either way, I think you should apply - you honestly never know. I was planning on not applying to any school this past cycle because I thought that there was absolutely zero chance of getting an interview, so just give it a shot if money isn't a huge issue!
  9. This is a question for upper year students - I'm considering working during the school year to help finance med school, but since I'm unfamiliar with the workload of Queens Med, I thought I'd see if anyone has (or knows someone who has) worked during first year? Was it manageable? Any insight would be greatly appreciated
  10. Is there a program or something where we can donate our MCAT books to people who require financial assistance from the AAMC to take the MCAT (or something like that)? Not sure if anyone has had experience with that/if it even exists...I just realistically can't get much for my books and would rather give them to someone who could actually benefit from them but who can't afford to buy them (I can't imagine having to take the MCAT without these books).
  11. Timestamp: 8:56 AM Result: Accepted!! Year: Just finished UG wGPA: 3.84 (cGPA: 3.54) MCAT: 508 (125 CARS/127 BIO/128 Physical Science/128 Psych) ECs: I don't think they're too extraordinary - I really just focused on doing things that I am passionate about, so this led to a few long term commitments. Quite a bit of research (4 abstracts and a 1st author manuscript in prep.), exec in a few groups, volunteer tutoring and mentorship through various programs, 7 yrs of hospital volunteering, etc. Interview: I initially thought both panel + MMI went well, but I started to doubt my performan
  12. Hmm mine is working right now, but I had set mine up a while ago. When I did that though I had trouble logging in so I called tech support and they were very, very helpful!
  13. Thanks for the insight, everyone, I really appreciate it! Is there anyone who wouldn't mind if I PM them for another question or two regarding grad school?
  14. You just made me fall in love with the school/city even more :'( That was super informative though - thanks for taking the time to write all of that!
  15. Yeah I didn't add it separately - I thought it might be overly redundant to have multiple entries for one project. That way I had more room to add other activities that were meaningful to me Of course, if it were already published at the time then I might have made it a separate entry.... This forum has really good advice as to how to format ABS entries, so if you look through it when you apply (if you haven't already applied?) it might be useful
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