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  1. can confirm. Got 506 and was accepted. I believe theres someone in my class who got a 501. Lots of ways to balance out a sub-par score, but yours is fine
  2. Hi @gottawannit, I noticed your previous post about the MPH in Global Health at UofA. I didn't know they conducted interviews as part of the application process. Would you be able to provide more information about this? (e.g.- how long was it, was it over the phone, anything you wish you would have known/prepared for, etc) I am hoping to complete this program!


    1. gottawannit


      no worries! yeah, so the GH stream has a phone interview (I believe in April). It's always on the phone, regardless of where you are. I was literally in ECHA like 2 doors down when they called me. It's very brief. I think mine was like 12 minutes or so.

      They ask a few generic questions like "why are you interested in global health", "why UofA", blah blah blah. I think the biggest thing they're looking for is an understanding of the mindset that goes into global health. For example, i think a lot of people rank lower on their interview because they mistake global health with tropical medicine. Global health isn't just infectious disease in africa. It's looking at "western" diseases like diabetes or hyptertension in underserved areas, like northern canada, or homeless populations in metropolitan cities. Of course, the bulk of underserved areas are in places like subsaharan africa, and that can be where your interests lie (as do mine), but you have to at least recognize that you can practice global health in somewhere like Edmonton or Toronto.

      i would HIGHLY recommend the program. It was a stepping stone for some of my greatest experiences in life (practicum in kenya, med school, strong network with profs/researchers) and the UofA program has great comraderie - for example, profs refuse to be called Dr. Whatever; everyone is on a first name basis.

      I don't really have anything I wish i would have known before for the interview. They WILL ask you if you ever plan on doing research in the future. If so, you should pursue the MSc in Public Health program because the MPH is meant to get you in the work force ASAP. This is a big deal for them - every year kids get knocked out of the running because they try to sound well rounded by saying they are willing to do reserach but that is NOT the point of the MPH program. Similarly, they WILL ask you where you see yourself in 5 years, so have an idea of what sort of stuff you're interested in and how the MPH program will help you get there.

      hopefully that helps! let me know if you have any more questions - i'm always happy to talk global health!

  3. dude, just go shadow surgery. Why not learn hands-on? Obvs you won't be doing sutures on a face after moh's surgery, but med students commonly stitch up after anything that is expected to be ugly -> see big ortho surgeries, hand surgery, even some peds plastics (if it'll be hidden eg. otoplasty)
  4. if it's any consolation I got a 2.7 my first year and was accepted into med with a <3.5 gpa. Just like owning a big ass truck, there are many ways to compensate.
  5. hey even though you got this figured out, I thought i'd give some advice. I would highly recommend not using one of your Award entries for dean's honour roll. It's an excellent achievement, and you should be proud of it. Any other organization would praise you for it, but consider the med applicant pool. EVERYONE will have this. It would be like putting down "typing skills" under diversity of experience; every applicant is assumed to have it. If you have any other awards, even if you consider them less impressive, I'd recommend you put those, since they would be more unique to you.
  6. medbruh, mine was course based + field practicum in the summer. I was allowed to apply during the degree as long as my supervisor signed off (for UofC; UofA didn't ask for anything)
  7. I applied during my MPH and from my discussions with adcoms, it comes down to the following: -most masters programs are 2 years: 1st year the prof or PI sinks a ton of money into you because you don't know anything and have to get brought up to speed. 2nd year is where they get their return - you're a valuable member and start cranking out publications for them. To leave after 1st year just leaves them high and dry. It's understandable that many schools are not offering the option to apply during your masters. -HOwever, UofA don't really give a shoot. Nowhere on their application doe
  8. carylm, I did a 5 year undergraduate and changed my major every single year. Honours Chem >> Physiology >> General Biosci >> Finance >> Operations Management. I start med this year. From my experience and what I've read/researched, it changes nothing. CAVEAT: some schools (UofC) have scores for GPA as well as academic rigour (there's a special name for it, but I don't remember). So, for example, if someone only scored in the 30th percentile for GPA, but was taking 7 courses per semester in engineering, their academic rigour score might be in the 95th percenti
  9. Thanks Bcemslayer! Super helpful. I'm wondering if people from different years can chime in. It seems to me that UofA has been changing their Mandatory classes policy quite a bit over the past few years. Going from mostly non-compulsory to almost exclusively mandatory lectures for the 2020s
  10. As the title suggests, I'm looking to get a sense of the frequency of lectures vs. group work and how they're spaced out. I'm aware that it varies wildly from week to week but if anyone could share a screenshot or some kind of sample they were provided it would help me a lot. My work is looking to keep me on part time and are wondering how often I would have to leave early vs. a few hours. Thanks!
  11. multipletimeapplicant, We have almost identical backgrounds...except your gpa and mcat are higher. I can't speak much on med schools abroad, but I did just wrap up my MPH at UofA and was admitted to the UofA med program this year. For background, it took me 4 attempts to get in and my interview score never seemed to be that good. Like <30 percentile every year. It's certainly frustrating because, as I'm sure is the case with you, I am relatively outgoing, social, and consider myself articulate and well thought-out. But hey,that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  12. Congrats to everyone that was selected this round! I was wondering if any current students could chime in here :ive heard a lot about the vodcasts and how missing a lecture isn't the end of the world. However, I also know they're is tons of small group learning. My question is, on average, how many hours per day or week is your presence actually mandatory? I'm sure this will spark some controversy, as there are hundreds of other people happy to sit in on every single second of available schooling, but I currently work full time and did so throughout my Masters. I'd prefer to not h
  13. So I just finished my MPH in global health like, a week ago, from UofA. Overall, it was an awesome time. I looked around at a few schools when I was applying (McMaster, UofT, UofA) and really liked how UofA's had a little bit of everything: mostly coursework (like all of them), a 4 month in-field placement where you actually go and work (great for picking up a job afterwards), and a capstone project (basically a mini-thesis). I can't comment on any other programs, but I'd highly recommend the UofA MPH program. Profs treat you as colleagues, not students; lots of events and mixers throu
  14. correct. really straightforward as long as you do exactly that.
  15. admissions sent out that email today stating that they had verified everyone's mcat scores. If they were unable to, you have a "No" beside the mcat section in your App Status. I have a "no" but looking at my AAMC score report history it shows that I released them Sept 12. Anyone else in the same boat? UofC has had more than its fair shares of glitches and bugs with their system but as the deadline is in 2 days I want to be certain. p.s. I obvs resent the scores through AAMC, just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue
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