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  1. I've been lurking these forums since 2009. This forum has helped me significantly in gaining admission to UBC medical school this application cycle. Thank you! Result: Accepted VFMP (third application, second interview) IP: BSc aGPA: 89% MCAT: 29 (11BS / 7VR / 11PS). Don't let a low MCAT score keep you down. You can make up for it in other areas! EC: Lots and varied including volunteer work, sports, work experiences, scholarships, research, shadowing, etc. Interview: Killed it. I am convinced this is what helped me overcome a low VR score and get
  2. Can anyone provide clarification on how to become a competitive applicant for CCFP-EM?
  3. Your opinion is meaningless. Do everyone a favour and stop speculating. You're causing people to get anxious over information which may or may not be accurate. Last year I was rejected with a TFR score that just made the cut-off. This year I was accepted and didn't add much to my application. I also have a 29 MCAT with a 7 in verbal. A very close friend of mine was also accepted with a 25 MCAT this cycle.
  4. If you would also please send me a private message with this information. I'm trying to find someone to deal with and would like to deal with someone trusted.
  5. LOL! Do yourself a favour and relax... go somewhere nice and just relax.
  6. Getting close, guys Does anyone know the average number of times people apply before getting in? Is it two or three application cycles? I've heard of some people applying four of five times before getting in...
  7. You're asking a question that no one can really answer. How can anyone on this forum predict the behaviour of individuals they know nothing about?
  8. I love that show too. And the Legend of Korra! I'm going to binge watch it as wel! ????
  9. I know exactly what station you're talking about and I did the exact same thing, lol.
  10. Chances are that if you felt it was a difficult station, then other may have also felt the same.
  11. My God it's been a long time since I've seen you post around here. I remember when you first posted you got into UBC med and now you're a resident (I was in my first year undergrad). Good for you, brother. I'm still trying to get in.
  12. Seriously dude? Do everyone here a favour and get off your high horse...
  13. Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I have the exact same question. I have a few abstracts which I authored or coauthored (2nd author) and that were either accepted for publication or published before the June 1st deadline. Research posters were created based on these abstracts and were presented after June 1. Am I allowed to include this on my application?
  14. Thank you for your thoughts, guys! Is there anyone out there who is in the SMP program but wishes they were in the VFMP program?
  15. Anyone in the SMP program regret it so far? In other words, do you wish you stayed at VFMP? I love Vancouver as a city and I'm not a big fan of the rural lifestyle. However, I value the small classes and more personal interaction students receive at the SMP program. I feel that as much as I love Vancouver, I'd get used to it after living there for a year or two. If I stay in Vancouver I'm also closer to family. I'm having a really tough time choosing. Any insight is helpful. I've checked out other threads, but I'm looking for a fresh perspective.
  16. Three of my verifiers have been contacted now as far as I know.
  17. Do you guys think that it is appropriate to use the symbol "&" rather than "and" when typing out your NAQ descriptions? If we do use it, should we be consistent throughout the entire NAQ portion of the application or just be consistent throughout that particular description?
  18. I would say that you are be able to indicate separate entries for multiple roles within the same organization.
  19. Thanks Gohan. I'll take a look into those. I was looking at PCOM's website and it said that we could have handed stuff in by March! Am I too late to even apply this cycle?
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