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  1. Yeah, after looking into it further, it seems like it's the same setup this year, to be completed as you have described. Thanks!
  2. For those of you who have interviewed here, did you fill out parental information for the Schulich admissions bursary? The application specifically says "If you have been out of high school for at least 4 years (since 2012) as of the start of your study period, parental income information is not required. Enter "0" for these values.", but I remember hearing that even if you've been out of high school for >4 years and OSAP considers you financially independent, you still need to put in parental information. It's quite possible that I'm mixing this up what I was told at UofT, so can som
  3. Does anyone know if some applicants did NOT get the part about the vacancies? I'm wondering if there's a different email sent to those who did not meet some of the admissions requirements or if the vacancies thing is just part of the rejection everybody gets sent (whether or not they actually qualify for the interview stage)
  4. Regrets (will contact me if interview slots open up) IP English Stream wGPA: 3.89 (screwed over by downward GPA trend) ECs: Meh...lots of first hand clinical experience though 4th year UG CASPer: Got me a Mac invite so couldn't have been that bad. Just when Ottawa was starting to be my second choice Ontario school...
  5. Invite GPA: 3.92 (close to 4.0 with weighting) MCAT: 35 (12/11/12) In-province Year: Currently in 4th Year UG. ECs: Really not as impressive or diverse as what I see people post on here. However, I did have lots of first-hand clinical experience (caring for my own patients under limited supervision) that I was able to draw on for my essays. Essays: Kind of did them last minute due to being severely burnt out from doing American applications and coursework all summer...oops After an unsuccessful cycle last year, I realize now that sometimes, the less desperation you put int
  6. Thanks for doing this, Birdy. With regards to "health care topics" would you say that knowledge of these is required to perform well on the interview, or is it just a nice thing to add to your responses? Basically, can you do well without being particularly well-versed in "health care topics"? Sorry if the question is a little vague.
  7. Invite GPA: 3.92 Verbal: 11 In-province CASPER: Meh. I feel like I took it more seriously last cycle.
  8. What exactly does the bolded mean? The Royal College site says it's a "new subspecialty of diagnostic radiology" It seems in the US, there are solid plans in place to make IR a direct residency program in the US, but I'm not sure what the plan is in Canada. Thoughts? @W0lfgang @W0lfgang @Lactic Folly @Lactic Folly
  9. Excellent. Thanks for the reply. I rather like Weir so I guess I'll continue trying to keep up with it as I find that, like you said, the stuff that doesn't come up everyday tends to be less easily recalled. If you say it's resident-level knowledge then I guess it would serve me well when I shadow and/or help out in the radiology department.
  10. Yeah, sorry that was vague. I have used it extensively in the past but I would like to know what the level of detail in that book corresponds to. (i.e. for someone who's familiar with the content of the book, how would you rate how much they know in terms of what is expected of a medical student or radiology resident.) Not sure if this makes a little more sense...
  11. Sorry for the necrobump but how good a resource would you say Weir et al is?
  12. By the bolded, are you saying that if one manages to match to an "elite level" residency, then getting an H1B will not be a problem?
  13. I thought transcripts and MCAT were all due August 15 with the primary application?
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