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  1. Good luck to all who are on the waitlist, and congratulations to the U of C Class of 2017!! Just letting you know I have just declined my offer at U of C in favour of U of T!!
  2. Scroll down!! I got like a 100 people's acceptance letters!
  3. I have friends who were very close to the victims. It is so tragic... Putting myself in their shoes... I will be celebrating the end of my undergrad in about 2 weeks myself and having your life cut short (or watching your friends being murdered in front of your eyes) at such a joyful celebration... words can't begin to describe what that must be like... :( On an unrelated note, Hope everyone's exams are going well! I have 2 left before I start checking my emails like a lunatic
  4. yikes exactly 1 month guys!! I'm happy my exams are til april 30th. that way my brain is too preoccupied to be thinking about final decisions haha Good luck on your finals everyone!
  5. Good Luck to all the interviewees today!
  6. During the MMI Seminar, they said that you should arrive at the time you picked e.g. 12:30. Apparently that's when the registration starts and the interview isn't until a couple hours later. Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!! Going to Chinook today to get some nicer clothes.. ugh I hate shopping
  7. They actually updated the timetable on their website: http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying They are March 24, 25, and 26 for all (except Med-P)
  8. I'm pretty sure it's on a 4.0 scale!
  9. So... I'm guessing the podcast will be uploaded at a later time? for some reason I thought it was live streaming so I ran home from class so I didn't miss anything lol
  10. one week left!! I wish McGill was better at posting updates on Twitter like in previous years... been checking horizon and my inbox like crazy, hoping they finished before the anticipated date. Il nous reste une semaine!!! doigts croisés!
  11. Woooo got my first choice of 12:30-4:30 on the 22nd. hope to see some of you then!!!
  12. Well VR is worth 10% of your application score, so it probably plays a good part in it. and its prob not linear. I can't see them simply going (12/15)*10 or something for your mark out of 10. 1/10 is probably like a 7 or 8 on VR and 10/10 is prob a 15. Just my thoughts. Also, My VR was 10, so it's possible!! (the other 90% of my application must've made up for my low VR)
  13. Yeah I chose not to post them, but if anyone is curious, they can PM me instead! I'll be sure to post them AFTER the interviews are over when we hear back about actual admission PS. PM'ed you, U of T buddy!
  14. Congrats to All who got interviews!!! I got mine during class today and couldn't focus at all because I was shaking too much. I'm so humbled, and soo ecstatic that the interview dates overlap with reading break at U of T. I get to spend time with my family & friends!!! Two birds with one stone
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