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  1. Hey so I'm finishing up first year and I want to use a little bit of the summer to start seeing if I can look at some first year business/accounting resources online to get a general understanding. Would any of the current practicing dentists be able to shed some light what would be beneficial to look at Thanks
  2. We only found out when the application became available so I feel like they were more lenient in our year since it was brand new
  3. why not just pay the deposit 12k and interview? if u get in here u end up saving way more money over the 4 years aha
  4. Good luck to everyone as well if you have any questions you can also message me as well
  5. If you get an interview just focus on killing it that's the largest factor imo. no point in dwelling on getting the interview or not it's a few weeks away just practice like you already got an invite
  6. Not sure. We had the ABS last year, and it did already go down from 19 to 18. Don't think it will go down any further
  7. I think the cut-off last year was 18 (class of 2020), but I don't remember too well the admissions director gave out our class statistics.
  8. do u go to schulich? the "it depends" sounds all too familiar
  9. LOL. I shadowed 3 dentists. 2 of which my mom's best friend was office admin so they were nice, the other my mom's friend from work had a close friend who i became friends with and text every week now lol. Just go in the first day and really get the feel of the clinic and ask them what they like since you are kind of representing the clinic if you are there.
  10. maybe abroad. not sure how that works. In canada try UWO. they take your best 2 years (read more on their website that you need to take 3rd year courses in anythign over ur second year) if you get high gpas in those 2 years that would be ur only bet. cheers
  11. went it in like 3-4 times a week lol. I guess it's a little harder if you are in school.
  12. I believe i did close to 90 hours from mid november to when the application was due
  13. It's a different type of stress. the uncertainty is gone so it's less stressful in that sense. Your class as a whole is supportive (at least in mine) but the study load and class time is stressful. 8:30am-5:00pm everyday at uwo is draining and then u have to somehow study lol. then you have 12 exams in december...so it's a different stress lol.
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