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  1. Hey all. Incoming MS1 here. I am looking for advice on who to speak to with regards to financial planning. I've spoken to both RBC and Scotiabank with regards to an LOC but haven't decided on who to go with yet (they both have very similar plans minus the credit cards they offer for which Scotiabank's sounds better to me but that's not really the point here). I am anxious about the debt I will accumulate and would love to speak to a financial planner to walk through some projections of how long it would take to pay off the debt I borrow, based on different scenarios of interest rates, inc
  2. thank you! no, I received it this past Tuesday (May 25) and had until today to respond.
  3. Just declined my IP offer. Stay hopeful everyone and good luck!
  4. Your international undergrad is acceptable by most schools. You'll need to get your courses evaluated by WES. Your GPA is going to be a significant hindrance though. Some schools will only look at your 2 most recent full-time years (you'll need to look those schools up but I believe Western and Dal do), so if those were significantly higher than 3.03 then your chances improve a lot. The kind of degree you have or whether you are a licensed pharmacist does not really matter. What matter more are the kind of experiences that your degree/profession have exposed you to. Interesting experience
  5. some eastern philosophers are rather adequately trained in saving tormented souls
  6. Could you elaborate on that please? how did the MCAT requirement change and did it affect your score negatively or positively?
  7. you sure they were NS IP? could they have been NB or PEI?
  8. If anyone made it to the little potluck the day before the November interviews, students from the current class mentioned that the incoming class this fall is going to have the extra 12 seats. My understanding from the news releases about the extra seats (16 seats total, 4 added last year and 12 added this year) was that they are for NS applicants in general but will be earmarked for rural applicants. Bottom line is they will be filled with NS students for sure. The point of adding seats in the first place was to deal with the NS physician shortage so I can't imagine a scenario where they will
  9. unless one's scores vary greatly from the released means, their ranking based on total score should be very similar to, if not the same as, their ranking using their zscore. i've run some examples and it's rare that someone with a lower total score (compared to another person) could be ranked higher based on their zscore. anyway, i understand if you aren't interested in sharing.. all good
  10. Reposting the above request and hoping people with scores between 70-70.9 would kindly share their scores so we can make some sense of potentially where we may rank on the wl. Thank you and best wishes to everyone!
  11. Would applicants who scored between 70-70.9 be willing to divulge their exact score? I am wondering about the spread there. I am right in the middle at 70.50 so I am curious.
  12. also curious about your stats, type of IP pool and final score if you don't mind sharing. thanks!
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