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  1. Hey guys, I also have a question regarding wGPA. So I finished my undergrad from Mac in 2014 with a full-time course load in all four years. However, after graduating I took courses as a non-degree student at another university where I took 4 half courses equivalent. I took these courses as a part-time student. Any ideas if UofT will consider me for wGPA? I am kind of freaking out because my application has significantly improved for this year. However, without the wGPA scheme I won't reach the file review stage Thanks for the input everyone
  2. I would like to address a concern that multiple people have mentioned here that they feel hesitant about going to UofT dental because of the competitive environment they remember from undergrad. I can understand why this is a cause of concern for many, but I don't think it will be an issue once you are in dental school. I know of many close friends who went to UofT dental instead of UWO because they had paid their UofT deposit and wanted to be close to home (even though they initially wanted UWO because of smaller class size and friendly atmosphere), but they all love it at UofT! So UofT reall
  3. Their office will open tomorrow at 9 am...They said so in the comments section of their most recent blog
  4. ^ Yes. I really do hope that they come out tomorrow and hopefully earlier in the day...one can hope, right?
  5. I don't think they fell behind with the evaluation because they said they would send invites today. I feel that if they didn't have them ready, they wouldn't have sounded so confident in their post. I don't really know how it works...but maybe it takes more time than we think to sort emails and send it to the applicants.
  6. So I guess now we will go through this stress again on Monday :|
  7. Omg guys I really want them out today. It's already 6:10 pm.
  8. I agree with you. But you never know..maybe they had an expected delay...I know that seems unlikely but who knows right? I am hoping and praying that we all do get invites today half n hour to go.
  9. It could also mean that they fell behind their schedule and weren't able to send invites today, in which case we will be waiting till Monday :|
  10. We will hear within one hour guys!! Please post on here if anyone hears back and I will do the same! Hopefully we can all celebrate soon
  11. Good luck everyone!! I m so nervous...apparently the invites will come out before 5 pm. Good thing I have a 3 hour meeting today to keep from obsessively checking my email hehehe although, I know that I will still be thinking about it :$
  12. So I m guessing they won't be coming out today then?
  13. I have a very strong urge to ask on the blog if they are sending invites today. is that annoying? Should I do that? I feel like they get this question everyday on the blog lol
  14. I agree with you all. I have also been getting this bad feeling that most people will be wait listed. But then, like BeeDoc mentioned, it doesn't make sense to wait list so many people. Like who would seriously decline the invitation? Maybe a few people but not a lot so there doesn't seem to be a need to wait list a large number of people. I m so nervous. Really hoping we receive an invitation soon.
  15. You are right. I am probably only fooling myself by saying that I won't be obsessively checking my email tmrw because deep down I know that I will be doing just that :$
  16. Yeah I agree, doesn't look like it . They said they are working hard to release them ASAP...but I am just going to assume that will be Thursday so I am not going crazy tomorrow checking my email.
  17. Any ideas if we will hear today? Or later this week?
  18. Me too, still waiting . Hopefully they are still sending out invites today *fingerscrossed
  19. Really hoping it's today and not tomorrow. I don't think I can wait another 24 hours lol :$
  20. Is it just me or is this weekend going by really slow?? Waiting anxiously for the "early next week" when rest of the invitations go out! Good luck to those still waiting to hear back!
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