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  1. Just to pipe in, It's especially difficult to get an international LoC. Avoid RBC as they charge prime + a certain percentage. Start looking immediately after you receive an acceptance letter. As mentioned above, go to a banker who specializes in professional LoCs. Cheers,
  2. 21/01/2016 was the date stamp on the email. Interview was schedule Feb 9th 2016. No, neither asked directly about the MDT score but I brought it up because I thought it could help my application (w/ pictures & one of the soaps I carved). No problem
  3. Applied to two schools a year ago and got two interviews (University of Maryland and Virginia Commonwealth). Accepted at Virginia Commonwealth. My stats were lower than yours @ndubs12 but my MDT was 28. If they claim not to look at it, they won't. You'll get interviews if the school accepts the cDAT.
  4. Crystal clear answer: YES! Have a small bit of training (still ongoing) in smoking cessation and wanted to help with a couple tips that might encourage quitting. Note: I also have a family member who is a chain smoker and as much as you would like them to quit and talk to them about it, as others have said in this thread it is self-motivation that will get them to quit but you can always encourage it and I think dentist should attempt to as patients see them (bi-)annually for check-ups ideally. Keep in mind that in 2000, the Royal College of Physicians said "Cigarettes are a highly efficie
  5. Oh good grief is right! I completely agree, be as pragmatic about finances as possible, especially about the career you're choosing for the rest of your life or I hope so. It is good to know what to expect. I was in a position where I was offered a seat in the US with the costs being 400,000 USD for all 4 years. Turned it down without another offer elsewhere. Anyone borrowing more than 250,000$ CAD for dental school should stop and think about it. Yeah the realities are that the profession is on a decline and it is getting tough out there but when I see Dental students and Dentist la
  6. When it comes to debt repayment, I think most health care professions have reasonable ways out in terms of paying back. Might take half a decade but Dentist have very low-unemployment rates under 1%! That's amazing! And you're working in setting of your choice. I was reading stories about debt and how people attending universities/colleges have to work multiple jobs and it's not even in their desired fields of study because no work is available to pay it back. I'm starting dental school in September and yeah I'm worried about the burden of debt but let's be realistic and not so greedy.
  7. http://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/4-year-dmd-program/after-applying
  8. To add to @Commons, I want to emphasis that you'll need to fund it yourself if you're going to the US for your dental education. I was accepted to VCU and with the exchange rate, the 4-year cost was about 600,000$ without interest. Any private US loans require a US co-signer (any Canadian loan to go to the US requires a co-signer) and federal funding is only available to US citizens. [Edit] I guess this information is more for Canadians rather than OP.
  9. My email said "All applicants will be notified whether or not they will be receiving an interview", so... [Edit] This was from Jo-Anne
  10. 3.85 cGPA with an upwards trend. CV was fairly standard considering some posts on here. Bilingualism might have helped
  11. Got an interview invitation! OOP Email time 3:27 pm, Mountain time.
  12. Logged onto my minerva account and it changed from "Ready for Review" to "Further Review Required" but if I look lower at "Dentistry Interview Session", it puts a date???
  13. Anyone living in Edmonton who would like to practice, let me know!
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