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  1. Hi Jonathan, I was rejected pre-interview for the NTP this year. I have a Ph.D and you can see my stats on an other thread in this forum: http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89304. Good luck in your future med school applications!
  2. It is nice to hear about you SpeedyPotato! I think the personnal narrative plays a major role in the selection process for NTP applicants. I know several musicians who are stunning physicians. Only a few days of waiting until the release of interview invites... Good luck to everyone!
  3. 3 looooong weeks to wait for IP applicants! This is killing me!
  4. According to the non-trad pathway webpage, the target date is February 24th.
  5. J'ai fait ma demande mardi soir et j'ai reçu le code d'identification mercredi matin et l'UNIP ce matin.
  6. From what I heard it is a kind of pre-med year, just like when you get accepted right after Cegep. So, yes if you are admitted in 2014, you will graduate after 5 years. (My source is a friend who graduated last year from McGill Med School, so I might be wrong!)
  7. I am so glad to hear about someone in a similar situation than me! Indeed, the Canadian system is a mess! It is my first application to med school - I never really thought about getting in before because of my GPA. I agree that schools should "forgive" highly educated people even if they have a low undergrad GPA which do not reflect their actual capacity of achieving an MD. Seriously, 10 years ago, I was a young adult (and very naive) who had only one word in mind (Party!) and I never pictured myself in the future with a PhD... **** happens! Anyway, applications are sent... let's wait for
  8. Sure, here are my stats: Ph.D. in biochemistry (had to apply as in the non-trad pathway because my science prerequisites were completed more than 8 years ago), GPA of ~3.1, a lot of awards (local, national and international), volunteered for the Canadian Red Cross for several years, member of many committees (students, scientific), 7 publications (6 as first author and some are in a journal with high impact factor). My weakness is undoubtedly my undergrad GPA... Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi guys! This is my first post here, but I have been following you for months! I was wondering if anyone applied to McGill Medical School as a non-traditional applicant or if you know someone who did. If so, what is your background/life experience, etc? Thanks!
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