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  1. kkarimis@uwo.ca @veromedico thanks for getting the ball rolling The discord invite, it says, is invalid. Can't join.
  2. Thank you all for your input. Any indication of whether the virtual format will still be MMI or perhaps a more traditional approach will be employed?
  3. Hi everyone, According to here, interviews will be held virtually this year. Does anyone have any information on this? seems really odd to me to do MMI online as it would hinder observational of nonverbal cues. Did anyone talk to adcom about this? I will be following up on them after this weekend, but just wanted to see what the community here thinks about this. I would be much more comfortable with the applicants (at least IP ones) being tested and MMI performed on-site for such an important position.
  4. yes, I would like to know all of these as well and my rankings. I am sure they will release these stats in time, tho.
  5. how do I access the official letter of admission on Minerva? Is that uploaded later on?
  6. I lived through a category 5 hurricane and its aftermath, but waiting for the results is more nerve-wracking!!
  7. Go for a walk, finish a book, write about your pre-admission anxiety, watch Narcos if you haven't yet, have a beer, hug your loved ones and get off this forum for the time being (48hr). Those would be my suggestions.
  8. I think we should just let them to their job. There is a reason for the deadline, and if they come out early, that's even better. Don't make the adcom's job harder lol
  9. I'll just comment on this question. You should absolutely include this in your CV. From personal experience, I know that a weight loss of that degree is very challenging and takes courage, discipline and even confidence. Don't shy away from devoting space on your CV to this either, especially since you said it contributed a lot to your development. Absolutely critical. You can use this to demonstrate that you attack difficult problems with a systematic approach and won't rest until you reach the goal or something along those lines. IMO your weight loss shows more about your character and work
  10. Hi Mahtab, Regarding the transfer credits, if you repeat them, McGill will only take the 2nd attempt in GPA calculation. I would repeat the ones with the lowest GPA and that should be enough to bring the whole GPA high enough. I would consider all elements of an EC. Making claims like that might come off as being opportunistic. Instead of turning your immigration into a weakness, make it into a strength. You "successfully" completed your courses back then DESPITE the cultural shock and other difficulties immigration caused you. I think this would be a better direction. In general,
  11. Also, how long of a period do you have to accept and pay your deposit?
  12. Thanks for your input guys. Med-P111, any suggestion as to who I should directly speak to?
  13. Thank you! You are correct, I will DM you!
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