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  1. Yikes, that's quite the scathing review of McMaster...
  2. Dunno if you know this, but if a CMG takes an IMG spot that is ROS, will they have to sign an ROS as well?
  3. UBC voted on it as well and confirmed it. No official statement from the faculty but we've heard from our student reps who were at the meeting. I think we were one of the last ones remaining.
  4. This is incredibly saddening, and terrifying, to hear.
  5. Is this something the faculties decide, or the provincial government? In the AFMC report it says "Responsible: Faculties in consultation with provincial governments" "
  6. I thought the tax credits were federal? If that's the case, don't count on them coming back when the provincial government changes something
  7. Thanks, I appreciate you responding. I was under the impression that even with the interest being tax deductible the LOC rate will still be better then government rate + deducting interest, but I will have another look at that. I was also not aware they would suspend payments during residency. If you see this and are able to respond again, could you comment on whether interest accrues during residency?
  8. Physician compensation is still lower in BC I believe I think the medical association is on better terms with government though
  9. This just seems like such a mess now. I wonder how Dr. Jacobs sees this playing out...
  10. If you really want ophtho your best bet may be to write and ace the USMLEs and use the US as a backup. You'll know your score well before match date and so will be able to assess your chances - score high enough and you should have a good chance of matching if Canada doesn't work out.
  11. They'll likely remove many of the grants, but the loans will still be in place. A shame, really, as this policy was trying to get more students from underrepresented groups into postsecondary education, and it was doing a decent job of it. Bonnie Lysyk is a partisan hack. From her own report (https://files.ontario.ca/pa18_annualreport_cfs_en.pdf, pg 22): Not sure how she drew the conclusion that it wasn't working. But it is a good setup for Ford to reduce OSAP for 2019/20.
  12. Most (90%+) of lectures are recorded at UBC, and attendance isn't mandatory (although I think the faculty gets queasy when they get too low, such as right before a midterm). Lecturers are asked if they can be recorded and most are fine with it.
  13. Great thread, thanks for posting! I have a question - are the amounts under "Student Loan" are government student loans? If so, how come you don't have to make payments to them, and why didn't you pay them off with the LOC?
  14. So is all the fuss with IMGs mainly those who want to be super specialized in Canada? Because there seems to be a lot of lobbying for IMGs to have more access to Canadian residencies, but if they just did a US residency it sounds like they could still end up in Canada. It's a bit more time away, but seems better then doing an ROS here...
  15. Is it pretty easy to come back to practice in Canada after completing a US residency?
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