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  1. You can also contact a supervisor ahead of time and apply for SRTP/SROP together with the supervisor.
  2. We will release a housing guide soon Keep an eye out on the facebook group!
  3. Has to be through cheque. The reason why you can't pay them online is because you don't have a student number yet. Should be fine mailing as the cheque can only be deposited by the person whom you've written it to. Banks are also pretty secure with those things
  4. To clarify. This won't change to meds.uwo.ca until around September if memory serves me correctly. But yes you will get one.
  5. Good luck guys! Last year western came out pretty late, around 11... so hang in there!
  6. Yeah I know some one that got accepted but couldn't finish on time and had his acceptance revoked. Not fun.
  7. Best to confirm with admin but from what I hear they aren't very leanient.
  8. Can confirm. Did IB, used the credit. Also word of wisdom. Just because you have a credit, does not mean you do not mean you can take one less course that year. Med schools will not let you use wGPA if you do that.
  9. aha no worries. Some of my classmates had both those examples as a large focus as well (not sure if red velvet specifically) and it worked out
  10. It's perfectly normal to be thinking that way! Congratulations on being done, you did your best. Honestly I think only ended up mentioning two of my extracurriculars in all my answers. It worked out... The cards have been played, now the daunting task of waiting
  11. Before my interview I went for a 20 minute walk across campus. Has some pretty good sceneries. Just make sure you are there in time for your actual interview.
  12. I wouldn't be too casual, but no need to be super formal either. It's for identification purposes, so think of how you would want to be identified.
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