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  1. Also the difference bw derm, rads, optho is beyond miles. It doesn't matter how much you like your hometown, if your someone who doesnt like sitting in the dark staring at a computer screen the entire day with very little human interaction, you will be miserable in Rads. Same goes with if you enjoy putting a sharp minature scalpel to someones eye and operating through a microscope as in optho. These fields are vastly different. Now if you wanted, you could take electives in all these to see if you like em. I can gaurantee one of those options you listed you will realize you could not d
  2. Coming back to Canada from the US, you are considered a CMG (canadian medical graduate). You have to do exactly the same things and tests as the Canadian students do. Nothing more, nothing less. Thus, CMG's need to write the MCCQ1 and 2 before finishing residency to get an independent license to practice - so do you. The only caveat is that since you are in an American school, you most likely have to write the USMLE Step 1 and 2. Those tests are insanely hard and suck, but every american writes them, so it is what it is - means you get some extra knowledge from studying. The on
  3. So to confirm - I don't need to worry about CPSO until April... (except i guess getting a jump on sending some stuff like transcript etc. in)....i.e. i can finish the last two weeks of medical school and the worry about this??
  4. These combined programs are not very common and only offered at certain schools. They are actually not very popular and kind of silly in my opinion - no one goes to see a 'meds/peds' doctor for example - I mean thats pretty similar to family medicine. Ive actually worked with a med/peds and a fm/em residents - the med/peds was doing it for the extra knowledge and her own learning, practically and in her career i dont think it would give much an advantage. The fm/em was doing it bc she was planning on working in a rural area and wanted a broader scope of knowledge and to be able to work
  5. Agreed brah. Not sure what this aaron dude is sayin. i'm a resident and future physician, not slave to society. Even though i shouldn't continue this argument with this kid, bc its futile and insane, how bout this buddy? 'Society' and 'Tax's' pay all this money for us to become physicians. Well guess what? If they didn't, people would have insanely lower life expectancies and our society would generally be horribly unhealthy - how do you think that would factor into a succesful economy? It would be catastrophic. So don't give me this 'taxes pay for our training so we should be at
  6. Oh you have much to learn, young padiwann, much to learn...
  7. Wherr does one find this second iteration list of vacant positions? Thanks.
  8. So if your not withdrawn I guess it means you didn't match in Canada?
  9. Just finished all my interviews, I absolutely killed it. Not to toot my own horn but I am an unbelievable applicant and my unprecedented ability to interview has essentially put me as one of the best, if not the best, Carms applicant in the entire pool. I am top in my class, have outstanding references from faculty with landmark research, and a poetic personal statement taboot. I am applying to a super competitive specialty, yet with my superior application I have basically made it like I'm applying to something like Family. Definitely will get my top choice, never been so happy in m
  10. ranking non ontario schools lower then ontario schools wont in any way decrease your chances of matching if you hadn't ranked those lower schools. Just means in the almost zero chance you did so poorly on all your ontario interviews that absolutley no one wants you, you at least have the shot at matching outside the province instead ofn ot matching at all. Even though its faiarly easy to match family, the carms stats last year still had like 3% or somthing not matching. I wouldn't want to be in that 3%
  11. This is true. theres no 'transfering'. You have to apply as a new applicant. If you got your med degree in the USA then you could apply second iteration or take a year off and apply as a cmg first iteration and you'd probably be fine. If you are an IMG, i wouldn't give up a usa residency spot no matter then circumstance. Unfortunately you are not the first nor last person to have serious personal issues while away from family in residency - it sucks but thats life. Seeing if your residency program will let you take a year off or any time off if its so necessary to be home is your best
  12. curious as I have a friend in DO school in USA thinking Canada, he is not member here - how many interviews did you get? thanks.
  13. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Toronto, Western, Queens, UBC, McMaster Anesthesiology: McMaster, Saskatchewan, Calgary (phone interview), Queens, Sherbrooke, UBC, Ottawa, Alberta, Western, MUN, Toronto, McGill, Dal, NOSM, Calgary (in-person interview), Manitoba Cardiac Surgery: Dalhousie, Calgary, Alberta Dermatology: Calgary, Alberta, Toronto (last week), Ottawa Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, McGill,Ottawa, Queen's, Dalhousie, Calgary, McMaster, UBC, Toronto, Manitoba, MUN, Alberta, Western, Montreal Emergency Medicine: McMaster, Manitoba, Queen's, UBC, Western, Saskatchewa
  14. its a 45 minute drive. u can train or bus. very easier to get between the cities.
  15. You can't put a price on matching. You can put a price on not matching - potentially millions of dollars of lost future income and what you've paid for med school. If you are not confident in matching or applied to competitive stuff, your better spending a lot on travel etc and going to your interviews then risking not matching. There are too many variables to give a proper answer. Go to expedia and calculate it roughly yourself. Not that hard.
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