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  1. this guy should go to prison for fraudulence. why hasn't he yet?
  2. You can comfortably do electives in each and still have an excellent chance at matching. None of those specialties are particularly competitive unless you're dead set on Toronto.
  3. If you're dead set on neuro and nothing but neuro, do as many electives as you can in it, in all the places you see yourself potentially going to. Other electives relevant to neuro would be peds neuro, psych, internal medicine, neurosurgery.
  4. ^ how the fudge do you know so much about math? me being bad at math is one of the prime reasons I went into medicine haha
  5. ^ PRECISELY. If you are not given percentiles, you can assume normal distribution and use median/sd. For a large exam such as the MCCQE1, it's almost a given that the results will be close to a normal distribution. A pass is set such that something like 2% of CMGs fail, I believe. So 40th percentile is below the mean, but nothing wrong with that.
  6. Oops I was on the wrong side of the curve. So it'd be 43%ile.
  7. ^ Assuming a mean of 500 and sd of 100, your score of 483 would give you ~43%ile using z score calculations. Edit: In a week or so when they release the official data for this year's LMCC you can calculate your actual %ile using the mean and sd. Just goggle z score calculation and z score chart.
  8. scores are out. anyone know what the average has been over the past few years?
  9. ^ way more than enough to pass. 2 weeks of studying 3-4 hours is enough to pass.
  10. On the NSLSC website they say the interest rate for the federal portion of the loan is prime + 5.5% (fixed) or prime + 2.5% (floating), and that we are able to choose between a fixed or floating interest rate. How do we do this? I want the floating prime as I will be paying back my principal very quickly. Edit: Also, if we want to pay back part of our principal before the 6 month grace period, we use our student loan as our account number and pay to "National Student Loans Service Centre." Is that correct?
  11. Aren't oral surgeons dentists? I remember reading something about how it's like a fellowship after dentistry school, and some of them also have MDs. My only experience with them is that I was a patient once in an outpatient oral surgery clinic. Seems like they deal with a lot of oral cancers, pathology of the mouth and more specialized care that dentists can't/don't offer.
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