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  1. I can only speak for Ontario OT, but your best bet would be Queens OT.
  2. cGPA requirements aren't too high so don't worry too much about your cGPA. sGPA matters much much more with regards to getting accepted. With your last two years focus on getting the highest possible grades and get some great experiences. Focus on a solid sGPA and written application. And obviously with better grades in the next two years your cGPA will rise a bit. If you look at the accepted threads you will see many people with pretty low cGPAs and very very high sGPAs being accepted.
  3. The 2015 admission average hasn't been posted on their website yet from what I've seen. As of now they only have 2012-2014. I'm assuming it's because the wait list may still be open.
  4. From what I've heard Queens is the only school that does.
  5. I already have a recent TB test so all is good. I'm so frustrated with the apartment hunt.
  6. I agree. I'm already stressed about finding a place, health forms etc. Thanks! Enjoy your travels too!
  7. Why does McGill seem so disorganized? I didn't apply but every time I read someones post about McGill it seems that way.
  8. Anyone else not had their ROSI account balance updated?
  9. My friends have had their parents take out loans on their behalf. They were able to receive larger loan amounts
  10. Ok I sent mine Monday evening through regular mail.
  11. Where did you get a pin? Nevermind, figured out
  12. Oh I didn't get accepted. I firm accepted elsewhere so my Mac wait list spot got given up.
  13. Mine was money order so it came out of my account at the bank. I'll call anyways.
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