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  1. I'm not sure if you are speaking from experience, but it doesnt sound like you are. I'm not sure if you are suggesting that overhead will be 75K /yr split between 3 docs i.e. $25K/yr overhead per doc. That is not realistic. Even with a "shoe-string" budget office, most GPs will be looking at minimum 20% overhead i.e. if you bill 250K, 50K/yr in overhead. etc. And you have to consider that you will be doing a LOT more work. You will need to write your own referrals, do your own billing, manage turnover, manage rent negotiations when your lease ends, manage EMR maintenance, etc etc.
  2. Statistics can be manipulated to make almost any argument you want. While what you posted makes it seem like IMGs "took away" more spots from CMGs, let's break down those #s a bit Total CMGs participating in 2nd iteration = 160 Total # of 2013 CMG = 100 (meaning 60 CMGs were from prior years) Total CMGs matched = 80, like you said Total # of 2013 CMGs matched = 59 (meaning 21 from prior years) Total # of IMGs participating in 2nd iteration = 1335 Total # of 2013 year IMGs = 133 (meaning 1202 are from prior years) Total # of IMGs matched = 127, like you said Total # of 2013
  3. Haha, nice story. Let me just cut to the chase. I'm going for IM...I'm hoping those people in the basement weren't IM candidates...because I was really hoping for a nice pair of jeans/button-down shirt for the social instead of shirt+ties.
  4. I know this might seem trivial or obvious, but I just wanted to know your thoughts? For the interview, it seems obvious (to me) that you would wear a Suit and Tie. But for the social evening/dinner with residents, I feel like a suit is overkill. I was thinking dress shirt/dress pants and maybe a sweater on top, no tie. Any suggestions?
  5. Most places want someone with a broad range of electives (you will see this phrase on every CaRMS program description page) Basically, they like well-rounded applicants. That being said, the best way to "showcase" yourself is to do on-site electives, and try to work with someone that will be able to advocate for you during the ranking stage.
  6. Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone else got an IV for U of Manitoba? It looked like there was 50-60 interview slots in total, so I'm guessing that's the max # of ppl they interview. I didn't count exactly, because I was too busy trying to get a good time, so that's a rough estimate Anyone here can confirm if I'm remembering right? Just trying to figure out the odds (14 spots, 50-60 IVs, so roughly 1 in 4 chance
  7. I should have been more clear. I was talking about REALLY competitive fields with FEW spots, like rad onc, neurosurgery, derm, etc. They hand out very few interviews
  8. They usually have a set ratio of Interviews:Spots For instance, if they have 8 spots, and they want a ratio of 5:1, they will give out 40 interviews, which works out to a 20% match success. From what I've seen, the ratio can be anywhere from 4:1 to 10:1 So, you could be up against anywhere from 30 to 80 others. Usually the more competitive a specialty, the less interviews are given out. Of course, they sometimes throw in extra interviews if people aren't accepting invitations (again, in more competitive specialties, it's more likely that ppl will accept interviews, hence th
  9. Hey, sorry to hear about your troubles. I just wanted to chime in on the two sentences I bolded from your post 1. Doing the MCCEE again and passing it (aka getting through it), is UNFORTUNATELY not enough. This year to get an interview from ONT FM you needed a 390 minimum. That is a crazy score, considering avg score is 270ish. We're talking 99%ile. This is not an exaggeration. I personally know 3-4 people with scores in the 380s that were rejected. There are also a bunch of ppl on the rxpg forum with scores in the 380s that were rejected. One exception is if you get a very hi
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