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  1. I got my registration package in the mail today ! Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey Shadowplay, I received my confirmation around the same time as you and they also said in my email that the package will be mailed at the end of July. I talked to the admissions people and they said that the packages were mailed this Monday or yesterday. Hopefully, we'll get them by this week (if you're in Edmonton)!
  3. I have a question for other waitlisters who have been taken off the waitlist recently (late June/early July) and will be attending U of A. Have you all received your orientation package and schedule already? I have been hearing from other people that classes have been filling up and I don't want to end up with classes at really odd times. Thanks in advance
  4. Do you need to give them a reason when declining one offer to accept another (other than I was given an offer at another university - my top choice)? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking for a female roommate to share a 2 bedroom/1 washroom apartment in Patrician Village (5 - 10 min walk to the hospital). I am asking for $650/month (negotiable). Please send me a pm if you're interested and I can send you more information. Thanks!
  6. Just a question. I realize that in year 1 students get exposure to working in a hospital with patients but would we have to go to different hospitals in the city for this? If so, then having a car would make things a lot easier. Or is it that in the pre-clerkship years we only have to go to Foothills hospital? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a question for some of you meds to answer. Someone told me that where you go to medical school isn't as important as where you go for residency. But wouldn't the medical school you attended affect where you got your residency? Then, where do most U of C graduates complete their residencies? Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm having serious problems paying this deposit. I sent out a bank draft on May 19 by Xpresspost and it was supposed to be received by U of C on May 20. I have been checking the delivery status using the tracking number and it shows up as being shipped but not received. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm in Edmonton so I'm thinking of going to Calgary on Sunday night to make sure they've received my deposit. I don't know what else to do. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, I got the link for the website to log in but the password and username combination isn't working for me. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  10. Hey, I am sure some of you have noticed that on the U of C medicine homepage, it says you can log in to find out your 2008 application scores. Is this for the most recent application cycle? Because my log in doesn't work. If the scores are going to be available later, does anybody know when? Thanks
  11. Hi, Who wants to practice MMI over reading week? Send me a PM if you're interested. I hope to form a group so all of us can get some practice and discuss ethics, etc. Thanks
  12. Do most clinical psychology programs in Canada require a specialization degree or honors degree in psychology? Is there a difference whether its a BA or BSc?
  13. Sorry if my original post is confusing. What I am really worried about are my ECs and my MCAT score. Kam G, my academic score was 25/25 but my NAQ score was ~11/25 (which triggered my worries). Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, we both might get accepted somewhere this year.
  14. My MCAT score is pretty nasty 37O (something else that worries me). My volunteering is pretty typical-200+ hours of hospital volunteer, exec on student club and nursing home volunteer. Thanks A-stark for giving me some hope!
  15. I applied to several medical schools this past fall (UBC, U of A, U of C, U of Ottawa, U of T and Queens). I am really feeling quite bummed because I didn't get an interview at UBC (I wasn't expecting one since I am OOP) but my scores were SO far from the cutoffs that I feel like it wasn't worth applying this year. Does anyone feel the same way? Do I even have a chance for interviews at any other schools? My GPA is pretty good (~3.95ish) but my nonacademics killed me this time around . Any advice/help would be appreciated, its my first time applying as a third year Alberta resident.
  16. I am so glad someone posted this. I have anxiety issues as well and was wondering how I would be able to cope with medical school (if I get in). Do any of you have particular strategies (e.g. meditation, yoga, etc) that help reduce your stress?
  17. Thanks for the replies. I definitely have more options to consider for the summer now.
  18. Hi, I was wondering whether any of you have suggestions on what I could do (i.e. work) over the summer that isn't research. Is there a way I could work in the hospital as an undergrad? Or are there other possbilities out there? By the way, the only reason I don't want to do more research is that I did some last summer and didn't enjoy it. Thanks in advance
  19. I had the same question because my MCAT scores are pending. and I called OMSAS. They told me that they haven't done a retrieval for the scores yet so scores will not be showing up on the system. Hope that helps.
  20. So I submitted my UBC apps but I realize now that I entered one of my courses for the prerequisites wrong (biology, it didn't have a lab component). I meet all the prereqs otherwise if I entered the right course, should I send an email through the mailbox system to notify them? Is this a really HUGE mistake ? I dont think I have a chance at UBC anyway.
  21. In the personal statement, am I supposed to cite the verifier whenever I refer to that particular activity? Is there a specific format, or is like (#7) ok?
  22. I have a question for those applying to American schools but did their undergrad in Canada. How do you manage to get reference letters from the faculty? Is it through research, you worked for a prof who was the chair or held some other position? I hear from people that you need specific profs who taught you a course to also write you a ref letter. Is that true?
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