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  1. Thanks for the reply? What would be considered a “competitive” fellowship?
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering what the situation with anatomical pathology is right now in terms of jobs for CMGs, and if anyone would be able to provide thoughts on which Canadian programs are considered “good” and which ones to avoid. I’m particularly interested in hearing about UofA’s program, especially since they seem to have unfilled spots every year. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I'm an MS4 interested in radiation oncology. I've been offered electives for the same 2 week period at both UBC and Ottawa for RO. I already have another 2w elective booked at Western and several weeks in the prairies. I'm having a hard time deciding between the ottawa and UBC electives. I would prefer to attend UBC over Ottawa due to its geographic proximity to my family, but I've also heard that UBC rad onc tends to mainly match their own students. If I had to move out east, Ottawa would likely be my city of choice, so I'm also hesitant to give up that elective. Does anyon
  4. Hi All, I've recently developed an interest in medical oncology and I was hoping some of you on the boards would be able to share your experiences. I've done a few weeks of elective time and really enjoyed the clinic component, but I was curious about how competitive the MO subspecialty match is, how lifestyle/compensation is as a staff, and how the job market is. I've been told the the med onc job market is better than radiation oncology, but that really doesn't seem to be saying much. Is a fellowship a requirement for a job in most larger cities? I was a little concerned as I saw that t
  5. Would increases in SBRT offset decreased utilization from hypofractionation and improved systemic targeted/immuno therapies?
  6. What year are you? There are different options depending on how far along in clerkship you are
  7. Doesn't this just apply for letters that are slightly before the deadline? I'm not sure if I even have a carms profile. Would my profile have just been made automatically when I enrolled in medical school?
  8. I'm currently doing summer electives between my second and third year and I met a preceptor I really clicked well with and was thinking of asking for a letter. I'm completely clueless about how letters work and I may be wrong but I was under the impression that the process has changed recently with electronic letters being accepted. How should I go about with this letter? I wasn't sure if I should a) get the preceptor to send the letter to carms now (not sure if they would even accept it), b) have them write the letter now and send it to me or keep it themselves c) contact them two years from
  9. Hi All, I've been eyeing rad onc for a while now and since I'm approaching clerkship I figured I should try to learn more about the field. I've shadowed about a week total in a few different tumour groups/ clinic types, but I wanted to hear from residents and attendings from other clinical sites as well. There are a lot of things I really enjoy about rad onc. I like how research driven the field is, the cool tech, working with cancer patients, being able to provide therapeutic treatments, making a discernable impact in the lives of people dealing with a life threatening disea
  10. My friend sent me a link to a leaked AMA report regarding physician billings and I was really surprised to see Oto having one of the highest overheads at 54.1%. Endocrine was also listed as having an overhead of 55.9%. For comparison, specialties traditionally associated with high overhead like optha and diagnostic rads had overheads of 45% and 55% respectively. Anyone have an explanation for what's up with these numbers? For those interested, here is the link to the article, report is at the bottom, with overhead numbers on page 8. http://news.nationalpost.com/health/leaked-report-offers-
  11. If you are accepted but turn down your offer you will also be able to check your preinterview and interview scores.
  12. I saw that UofC notified incoming students of scholarships they qualified for today. I was wondering if current students knew whether UofA also tells us if we have qualified for scholarships before the medical school acceptance deadline as that could play a role in my decision. Moreover, would be interested in hearing how much students can expect to receive in awards. I don't qualify for financial need, so the $5000 award renewable over three years offered by UofC is quite sizeable and it would be extremely helpful if UofA had similarly sized entrance awards. I've tried looking online, but I'm
  13. Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate the feedback. One concern I had was whether attending a more prestigious school such as the UofT would allow for more potential future options such as going into industry. I'm not sure if I would ever go down such a route, but I'm worried about closing any doors.
  14. Result: accepted wGPA: 3.9ish cGPA: 3.9ish MCAT: 521 ECs. Decent, two long term everything else within a year of applying Year: 4th year UG Interview: very surprised I got accepted given how poorly I felt my interview went. Will likely be turning down my admissions offer so best of luck to the wait list.
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