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    jmes.91 got a reaction from Bambi in Is Mac A Bad Med School?   
    Absolutely not. 
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    jmes.91 got a reaction from Bambi in How Easy Is It To Get Into Kinesiology?   
    As someone who has studied in both Exercise Science at Concordia and Kinesiology at McGill, I felt more prepared for medicine based on my education at Concordia! Highly recommended program 
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    jmes.91 reacted to Bambi in How Easy Is It To Get Into Kinesiology?   
    Apply to the Exercise Science Specialty Program @ Concordia. Excellent program and those who have worked hard due to the voluminous material and received straight A's have all been accepted into medical school on their first attempt. It is also a great prep for medicine and their internships in the specialty program give you experience with the elderly, chronically ill. It should not be difficult to get in.
    For details about this great program, review the posts of this thread:http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/47595-cegepiens-eng-french-who-need-to-choose-an-undergrad-program-leading-to-medicine/
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    jmes.91 reacted to Bambi in Provincial Residency   
    The car insurance in both provinces is different. Liability is greater in Ontario and therefore, I believe the cost is higher. I also recall that you are limited to driving the car outside of Quebec to x days. For the sake of your own protection and so that you know your coverage is valid, if I were you, I would licence and insure the car in Ontario and also obtain an Ontario driver's licence. In the alternative, should you have an accident in Ontario, you may find your insurer in Quebec denying liability totally.
    It would make sense, to me at least, to transfer to OHIP and to file income tax returns as an Ontario resident, not as a resident of Quebec, commencing with the 2017 taxation year. For 2016, in April 2017 I would file as a Quebec resident for the last time.  
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    jmes.91 got a reaction from RicardoKaká in Does Ottawa Not Consider Activities Pursued During Graduate Studies?   
    I was in the 2nd year of my M.Sc when I applied to Ottawa last year. I included activities and achievements from my Master's and I received an interview and was ultimately placed on the waitlist! So I think you're ok  
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    jmes.91 reacted to Birdy in Relative Workload Of Mf's   
    Tutors are for tutorial, preceptors for clinical skills. Tutors are usually but not always practicing or academic physicians but sometimes are PhD researchers. Preceptors are almost always residents (PGY1 or PGY2, I've not seen higher.)
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    jmes.91 reacted to Scorbix in Why Aren't More Doctors Driving Ferraris?   
    Perhaps it is because some people feel there are more to life than material possessions, or at least more than having an expensive car that really can't be driven all that much. If a physician really wants an expensive car, then they'll certainly buy one.
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    jmes.91 reacted to paperbox in 2016 Backpack Vote   
    It doesn't make you "not proud of becoming a doctor," but calling people who wear the backpacks pretentious is not accurate either...
    Honestly, I don't understand why this sentiment keeps coming up! It is a bag, really, I don't see it as being some sort of status symbol--its more similar to how people place a sticker of the flag from their home country on their bumper.
    And ANYWAYS, what is wrong with being proud of your faculty/chosen profession? Lots of people around my university in nursing, engineering, business, science and arts wear their faculty hoodies around, and never seem to get any negativity from others for it, even though they are visually "showing off". I think there is a very distinct difference between being proud of your faculty/accomplishments and being arrogant/pretentious. 
    I think it is almost more pretentious that people find it annoying when med students wear faculty clothing, but not annoying when students from other faculties do--as if med students need to be more humble because they somehow have more to be proud of. Doesn't make sense to me that a nursing student wearing a hoodie is normal but med students doing it is suddenly pretentious.
    If you are constantly making a show that you're better than others, than that is a different story, and can apply to students from any faculty.
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    jmes.91 reacted to Casey@MDFinancialManagemen in 2016 Backpack Vote   
    jmes.91 just make sure to say Hi when I give you your bag at McMaster! 
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    jmes.91 reacted to Birdy in 2016 Backpack Vote   
    Ours is on the left strap, and it's fortunately correct for Mac students (mine says 2018 since I'm at Mac whereas most people who got a purple one would be 2019s.)
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    jmes.91 reacted to Scorbix in 2016 Backpack Vote   
    It's beautiful...
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    jmes.91 reacted to _ _ in New Computer For Med School?   
    Agreed. It always surprises people who don't know much about computers when i show them how (for general use) my Air actually runs/opens programs notably faster than their more expensive 2K macbook Pro does. But they just bought the Pro thinking more expensive meant it would be faster at everything
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    jmes.91 reacted to osteogeek in New Computer For Med School?   
    I love my MacBook Air. There was never anything I couldn't do that I wanted to. The only thing to consider is that there are lots of digital resources that will be shared with you during orientation week, so if you want to keep those on your computer keep that in mind when thinking about drive size, but those can also easily be stored on an external drive. Honestly, all I use my laptop for is surfing the internet, Word/Excel, and reading textbooks - no heavy usage. So get whatever you want
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    jmes.91 reacted to YorkMD in Medical Health Record Confirmation   
    I mailed it back in the first week of June by regular snail mail. They want an original copy so you can't e-mail it to them. I also got another confirmation yesterday night saying they received my police check and health screening stuff. If you're unsure just send them an e-mail and they're great about e-mailing back as soon as possible.
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    jmes.91 reacted to guitarcoffee in Will Donald Trump Be The Next President?   
    What's truly scary is how I've seen otherwise reasonable people buy into Trump - despite the fact that he's completely unqualified, divisive and ignorant.
    It's a mass hypnosis reminiscent of very turbulent times.
    The Washington Post had a good op-ed on this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/this-is-how-fascism-comes-to-america/2016/05/17/c4e32c58-1c47-11e6-8c7b-6931e66333e7_story.html
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    jmes.91 reacted to sdj78we9jtf2o3mgfvj298j in Friday Afternoon Thoughts   
    Isn't it terrifying how in a couple of years we'll actually be taking care of people? And people will expect us to be knowledgeable?
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    jmes.91 got a reaction from mdthatmylife in Help For Prereq Ottawa Chemistry   
    I was in the same situation as you. Did my Sciences DEC in CEGEP and then a B.Sc. I only took Biochemistry I (lecture + lab) at Concordia during my undergrad, and that was sufficient for UOttawa! 
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    jmes.91 reacted to Neurophilic in Uottawa Now Requires Mcat!   
     I really think this is an overreaction. Yeah, it doesn't work in your favor but there is no injustice. This affects everyone equally. Everyone will need to write the MCAT if they plan on applying here. I'm sorry but it seems like you feel entitled to gain admission here and that they have taken it away from you. It's not the end of the world and quite honestly if you place all your eggs in a few baskets (i.e. med schools which do not require the MCAT), you stand a very slim chance at gaining admission to medical school in Canada. No matter what your GPA is you still may not get an in as there is a very subjective element to admissions. I think your time and effort would be much better spent planning on how you will adjust to this new change rather than to try and prevent it. Even if you manage to get hundreds of people to call in and complain, there will still be thousands who don't and will still apply. All that the medical schools care about is that they have enough competitive applicants and once they reach this number, which I can assure you that they're already there and this won't be changing anytime soon, they could care less about the rest. I'm sorry but this is reality. 
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    jmes.91 reacted to ThatMedGyal in Uottawa Now Requires Mcat!   
    I heard from someone who spoke to the Dean that they decided to implement the MCAT because of the overwhelming number of non-traditional students (i.e. from an arts, psyh and/or music bachelor) who simply did the pre-req courses, got in and then have difficulty in med school to the point of failure. 
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    jmes.91 reacted to next.med88 in Uottawa Now Requires Mcat!   
    Doesn't Quebec have 3 of their own Universities that strictly french applicants can apply to!?
    All the other French applicants at U of Ottawa (from provinces other than Quebec) that I know of speak english perfectly and should not have any problem with the MCAT. I am french and had no problem writing the MCAT! Realistically, if you are going to work outside of Quebec, you are still going to practice 80% of the time in english, so it is important that they are also fluent in english
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    jmes.91 got a reaction from johnmccrae in For Them Waitlisters   
    I just got an offer to Waterloo campus!!
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    jmes.91 reacted to medGate in Waitlist Support Thread 2016   
    Does anyone know how much the french waiting list typically moves (compared to the English waiting list)?
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    jmes.91 got a reaction from Ethereal in For Them Waitlisters   
    I just got an offer to Waterloo campus!!
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    jmes.91 got a reaction from hopefuldreamer in For Them Waitlisters   
    I just got an offer to Waterloo campus!!
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    jmes.91 reacted to lisasimpson in For Them Waitlisters   
    Me too!!! Congrats!
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