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  1. Something smells fishy here... I may be paranoid but I can't help but wonder if there is some COI here.
  2. U of T had mentioned that they don't want you to do more than 10 weeks in Ophthalmology (there's an online source somewhere) and that they do take this into consideration when selecting who to interview. It's not clear how much it really matters though. U of T is one of those schools that actual credentials on paper >>>>> an elective (although this is my own anecdotal experience and from what I've heard and knowing others who did an elective but did not receive an interview). You usually get placed out in the middle of nowhere with one doc and never see the other staff/residents
  3. I wonder what the competition is like for a spot like that in the second round. I personally know there are at least 3 unmatched applicants who applied to ophthalmology first round and were not invited for an interview there.
  4. So I just wanted to post an update. I did end up matching to my first choice and would not wish it any other way. I just didn't have the clarity of mind at the time. It's going to sound silly, but I basically fell HARD for a girl in the days following the rank order list deadline, and my 2nd choice meant I could remain in the same city as her. Somehow the emotions took over completely, and despite applying for one of the top 3 most competitive specialties, the worst scenario playing repeatedly in my mind was matching somewhere - namely my #1 choice - and having to move away from her (a 4
  5. I know there's nothing that can be done now, but I'm regretting ranking my #1 over my #2 choice. I felt so sure before the deadline and now I keep playing it back in my head. I feel so stupid. It's agonizing.
  6. Hi guys, I completed an elective at a program for a very competitive specialty, worked hard, and had felt very good about it. I left thinking I was certainly going to receive an interview, but in the end, they declined. I realize that doing an elective is no guarantee of having an interview. I think I just had my hopes up too high, particularly because I received numerous interviews from other programs I've also done an elective at. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the experience of having done an elective at a program and ended up not receiving an interview invitation.
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