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  1. A few months late, but thank you very much for your post. At the moment, I'm working a job that isn't bringing me closer to becoming a doctor, but the thought is still there, looming. Your kind words mean a lot to this stranger on the other end of the keyboard. Hi Julia, Thank you, really, for your great post. I honestly did not expect anybody to read this, so it's a nice surprise. Ya know, I don't know if I've truly carved out the "why" yet. "To help people" is kind of a weak reason. Many professions help people, so what sets medicine apart? Rereading my journal entry is interest
  2. Can we be raw for a minute, here? Life is fucking hard, man. If I don't put forward the amount of effort society deems necessary, then society scolds me. And rightfully so. Those who work hard deliver results. We can fight about it all we want; we can bitch about how much society demands from us as humans, but we know the truth. It's not that we are lazy--I'm not sure I believe in lazy--it's that we don't have a strong enough "why". Meaning is such a powerful concept that I lost along the way, or maybe I didn't have it to begin with. So, you're wondering: who the hell is this dude and why
  3. Lol, that got me (also, that website is hilarious). To the OP: http://www.casn.ca/en/FastTrackAcceleratedBACCPrograms_114/ That link is for all of Canada, but I assume you're smart enough to deduce the Ontario schools from the list. Good luck!
  4. http://www.casn.ca/en/FastTrackAcceleratedBACCPrograms_114/ Here's a list of all the accelerated programs in Canada. Many of them require certain prerequisites (such as biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and statistics, for example).
  5. I've marked down all schools that do not require physics. Preferably, I would like to focus on schools in Ontario, though. But I'm open to anywhere, for the most part. I'll be taking the prereqs (bio, gchem, and ochem) as well as some higher level biology (such as cell, micro, biochem, and molecular). Thanks for all the input, everyone!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm currently in second year, majoring in philosophy, but I have not completed any prerequisites yet. My plan is to take first year biology and chemistry over the summer, and then take organic chemistry and some other second year biology courses next fall and winter. My question is regarding the level of the courses I'll be taking. Because I didn't snatch up the prerequisites in my first two years, I will have to take a few first and second year courses while I'm in third and fourth year. I'm wondering how that will affect my application? To outline: Year 2: Ta
  7. I felt obligated to post this, but I'm going to Learner Services tomorrow, because I have similar symptoms (lack of motivation to study, for example). Indeed, I achieved a 3.5 GPA in my first year of undergrad, but this year I am getting marks in the mid to low 70s, and I don't know what's changed! Thank you.
  8. I'm thinking about getting a part time job stocking shelves and taking a few classes part time. Also, volunteering around a little bit, and of course hitting the beach a couple of times! Should keep me nice and busy.
  9. Slightly off-topic... I signed up for an account on studentdo.ca. Good to see the site is under active construction! . Any ideas on how long it takes for a username to become activated? Mashmetoo: you have almost entirely convinced me to become a DO.
  10. Any kind of yoga is good for you, usually. If you have ever done a session or two of it, you will know that it is not for wimps at all. I found that some positions I didn't have the strength to maintain composure for the full duration!
  11. Maybe your grades will go up? My girlfriend keeps me focused on school, and I have her to thank for how well I'm doing. Why not go for it?
  12. Hey all, I apologize if this has been posted before, but I did a search and turned up nothing on the matter. I have been looking into applying to some American DO schools, among others, and many of them require one full year of English. I am currently in my first year of a University Transfer program at Sir Sandford Fleming College, and I am planning to go into year 2 at Trent U next year. Since I am transferring into university, the courses I am taking this year will merely say "Pass" or "Fail" on my Trent transcripts. I am taking a full year of English (1.0 credit) this year, and I w
  13. That picture is priceless!!! It's seriously getting really sad how much the Leaf's are losing. Every time I hear about them on the radio/friendly chatter I always brace myself before hearing how bad they lost.
  14. I have changed some things, and others have left unchanged. I had a passive aggressive mentality towards education in high school. I would ignore my homework, do assignments that I needed at the last minute (sloppily, of course), and was extremely satisfied when I got a test back that said "50%". Unfortunately, my habit of not studying for tests has followed me through my college life, though I do not leave homework to the last minute anymore, I still do not give it my entire devotion. Though I do talk a lot more than I used to . Changes in life we must make for the greater goo
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