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  1. Hi, so I'm asking this question because I'm sure the answer would be useful for many more students like me. I am planning on studying for the MCAT this summer while taking on a job. I am fortunate enough to be able to decide how many hours I'd like to work this summer, and even more fortunate to have parents who say they would pay for any sort of prep course (the only exception they put is a 50,000$ prep course/ski vacation in Colorado, which, yaknow, is understandable :P). I was wondering which prep courses you'd recommend, and whether you would anything more unto it? maybe buy some extr
  2. So I made a mistake and listed a wrong email for my referee. I requested a change through SAM but I was wondering how long does it take to make it? It's kinda last moment...
  3. No. I want to maximize my impact on the world by going into either research or public health, and my crotch is that if both plans fall through I can still be a family doctor (and enjoy it) while donating impactful sums of money to charity. If the pay was low I'd rather go into public policy/work for a charity/social startup/highly lucrative job in business
  4. Hi! So I'm applying to OttawaU and OttawaU only this year. I haven't written the MCAT and I'm a third year only, but it's my hometown and I kinda miss it I alsooo have a 4.0 GPA in Neuroscience, at McGill. My extracurriculars are pretty standard, more focus on research than clubs, so I was wondering... Will a good GPA be enough to get me to an interview? P.S. if you're a third year applying to OttawaU this year come forward!
  5. First of all, THIRTY SIX CREDITS on your FRESHMAN YEAR in ENGINEERING at MCGILL?! WHAT TYPE OF WITCHCRAFT IS THIS? In terms of credits I'm good, because in order to graduate I need 120 credits, which is why they want an average of 15 a semester, but I have 12 on my back already The thing is that I talked to 3 different premeds in bio, and they all told me that they only took 27-29 courses on first year. Do you feel like you could have done better with 2-3 less courses? Haha I heard it's super easy too, but it's a prerequisite for any biology program, so might as well
  6. Hello ppls! I'm going to McGill LifeSci next year and I need some advice! I just signed up for my courses this morning, but I still feel unsure about some things My first doubt comes with psyc100: psychology is the only social science I love, but in McGill it is offered by the faculty of science, which means it might not be considered as a social science credit. Does any of you McGillians know whether med schools consider it as a social science? I emailed the med schools and they all gave me very vague answers. Also, should I take it in order to prepare for the MCAT? Can you also
  7. Hello, fellow pre-meds! I am looking into applying to an undergrad soon, and I really can't make up my mind! If you go to any of the following programs, please tell me about how you enjoy the program, how many research opportunities there are, how flexible the program is, how the residences are, how the scholarships are, and unfortunately, since it is a bit unescapable... if it is possible to get good marks i this program? I want to go into medical research (I know, I'm aiming high, and I am not likely to reach that goal, but it never harms to try) so I really want to go to a university tha
  8. Actually.. Yeah. I was looking for threads discussing high school and bumped into this. What can I say? Reading about cheating is entertaining.
  9. Wow, it's been 6 years ago. Well, if this would have happened now I would have told you that you're an idiot who is not worth of being a Doctor, since being a doctor requires REALLY good ethical values. I mean, you can harm people if you only think of yourself as a Doctor. Cheating is very unethical. The fact you also have very good marks shows that you only care about marks rather than the learning, and you didn't do this out of hopelessness. I am happy that I need to compete with people like you for a spot in med school. It makes getting into med school easier. However, I don't think this
  10. I see what they say, but there is more to a medical degree than they say. No other degree opens so many gates exclusively. An MD opens gates to both research and work with people. Yes, there is something to what they say. I can admit I do chase med school for the challenge itself, and not only for the job. It's also because as a woman, no other job will be both of real value and would give me the abillity to come back home at a decent hour to my children. There are plenty of Doctors who work for 3 days a week, but where a researcher or a computer engineer who works for less than 40 hours a we
  11. Hello, everyone! I am a grade 12 student researching good programs to take to get to med school so I can find the one most suitable for me. So, I would absolutely love it if you comment with the name of your program, the university, why you chose it, how you like it, how hard it is, and which classes you find the most fun. Also, if you know a source that gives statistics of what percentage of people from a specific program got accepted to med school or something similar, could you send it to me? Also, does anyone here enroll in the combined honours BSc in neuroscience at Carleton U? EDIT:
  12. Hello, I need your wise councelling! I will be finishing high school a semester early this year so I can take over a full-time job and some volunteer positions to get some real life experience in, well, life. I am also planning on starting university a semester earlier through the head start program in Ottawa U, that will allow me to take two first year courses. Obviously I am striving to become a doctor. So, my questions are: 1. Should I take medical school pre-requisites to get a head start and a semester with more electives? 2. Should I take easy courses since I don't really know ho
  13. I know that these are not supposed to be officially called "premed", but they are.... Can you guys list all the pre-med programs in Ontario (including all the biomedical science and health science programs that apply) that have the pre-requisites for med-schools built into the program, and that you guys happened to hear about? Also, could you add a few words of what you've heard about the program or how is it, if you're enrolling in one of these programs? Most importantly, it will sound bad, but how hard is the program in terms of marks? Did any of you enroll in McMaster Health Science? How is
  14. Thank you guys for your comments! Some of them were very useful, keep them coming! They say my high school is hard relative to others, and I talked to students who graduated and were thankful for our school for marking so hard and teaching so well etc... Some of you touched to some topics I heard about. I also do some reach-ahead. Would you guys advise taking a few university courses before actually enrolling in full-time to get the feels of it? What course do you think will be a good introductory to university? Calculus, Biology, Psychology...
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