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  1. It's not over till its over guys. Keep positive for those that are still waiting. Also, I would definitely urge anyone still wondering to shoot Rae an email or just call. That way at least you could either get some good news or get some resolve. Win both ways? Happy happy Canada day everyone! Enjoy the journey!
  2. Thanks guys and for sure. My pGPA is 3.8, cGPA is 3.7, best 2 full time years is 3.7 and 30 credit year is 3.6. I am done with my degree in Zoology Honours from University of Calgary. For everyone else still waiting, I heard that they just started sending out offers a bit early. If this year is anything like last, most spots should be offered at the end of the month so don't lose hope. Stay positive, it's not over until it's over. Good luck guys!
  3. I'm in. Got the email 3 hours ago. Boo ya! Good luck everyone!
  4. hey johnscott123456, That's right I was. I don't know for sure why. Even though I did ask and email about this, I could not get a specific answer and was more or less urged to identify the problems with my application myself. I think it was a combination of a very 'naive' letter of intent where I did not address the questions directly enough and wasted to much space writing about extraneous details and a video interview for which I was extremely nervous about and got even more nervous when I was recording due to technical problems. Other than that, I still think my GPA is pretty decent.
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's heard any news about the video interviews? I know I haven't. I might actually email them some time soon and ask. For now, Good luck to all of us!
  6. yeah, this is one of the aspects of professional schools (pharm, med, vet) I really hate. If your only goal as an undergraduate is to get to that professional school end point you're going to dread going through the journey while that's actually the most important of it all. We're still growing up and finding things out about everything. Going to university and learning new things is a hell of an opportunity and a privilege. Don't become a zombie, take a step back. Pick courses that you find interesting not ones that are "easy A's", write research papers and make presentations on topics you've
  7. Seriously man, it's been your first semester. A few pieces of advice I can really give you is that you should try and enjoy school and the courses you are doing as much as you can. Try and ask yourself why you haven't been performing as well as you were expecting. Go meet with a counselor or an academic adviser. Go speak to your profs about feedback on what you can improve. Do you like the program you're in or are you just trying to get by to finish the pharm pre-reqs? Is stress getting to you? In that case maybe a little bit of exercise here and there could help or just hanging out with some
  8. No, not in particular about that, but they told me that they basically don't go around analyzing your transcript. It sounded as if as long as you have the pre-reqs in place with valid grades for them (you obviously needed to have done an English course after you dropped the one in your first year to fulfill the requirements for the program) you should be fine and in no way disadvantaged. Hope this helps, but dont be afraid to just email the faculty, they're super helpful.
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