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  1. Yah, but the issue here is that you'd have to take many many extra years to make any significant changes to a bad GPA, compared to simply doing a second undergrad to make things right... There is no room for a 'bad year' with the new GPA calculation method, regardless of the reason (personal hardships, partying etc.) why one would have a bad GPA. It's not necessarily a huge change for people who hasn't taken a second undergrad geared for admission to NOSM... It's just the transition into it is hard because some people have already committed months, years, and money banking on their GPA to in
  2. It's a financial aid information session for people who got in. Information about loans, OSAP, bursaries, and scholarships etc. Email was sent out last week.
  3. I have a friend who came from rural Manitoba and she had an interview this year at NOSM.
  4. Their masters 0.2 addition still exists, given that you have been conferred. It's a bigger hit for people who were depending on a second undergraduate degree to increase their GPA... sucks.
  5. The main thing is that now they are calculating the GPA based on "all converted undergraduate course grades completed" whereas before, they based the GPA only on "courses that are part of the degree awarded or to be conferred". In other words, they used to separate one degree to another, so if you had two degree they would consider the higher GPA degree. Now, they are looking it alllllllllllll the courses you've ever taken as long as it has a GPA mark (not pass of fail). EXCEPT the cycle coming up, they will use the old method and the new method and take the highest GPA.
  6. oh no, I found it... Does this mean next cycle is the only time the second undergrad will benefit people?
  7. Can I ask where you got this information from? Thank you!
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