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  1. I am struggling here. I’ve applied quite a few times over the years. This year was my third interview at UBC. I have a 83gpa/86agpa and roughly a 505 mcat. I have a top quartile NAQ and interviewed above average. I was rejected post interview. My understanding is my references are fine. Is my MCAT too low? Is it too much of an uphill battle with marks on the lower end? I’m IP and wondering if it’s worth it to move elsewhere to up my chances at different schools.
  2. I received an interview invite this morning (in province, regular deadline applicant). This pre med journey has been full of so many ups and downs. I’m just enjoying the moment. Thanks everyone. As much as premed 101 can stress me out, it sure is nice to have a community of people going through this together
  3. I’m interested in joining an online prep group. Thanks
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