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  1. No, they don't care where you did it. All Canadian medical schools look at things like "prestige" neutrally, they don't care if your 3.7 is from Trent or Harvard, its all the same and that applies to extracurriculars as well.
  2. Read a lot, write a lot, that improves your verbal score and your CASPer as well. Also if you are socially awkward try and change that, you do better in interviews if you are very approachable and talkative.
  3. I thought they matched above the average? 92%? I think it might be because of the 3 year program, some people might find it too rushed?
  4. Congrats, do you mind posting that on the main stickied Accepted/Waitlist page? That way future years will have a better statistic to work with. Anecdotally for some reason a lot of people turned down Mac this year. No clue why but people just have been. It pretty much shows if you look at other medical schools they just don't have nearly as much activity, it can't just be a bunch of new pm101ers who all just so happen to be on waitlist at Mac and not other schools.
  5. I think your best chance is going to lie with Manitoba realistically. I don't know if UT or Queens will weight your grades if you did a 3 year degree though?
  6. There is an insane amount of movement off the waitlist at Mac this year! 2 more today, there is likely to be even more.
  7. I would cautiously say that McMaster should dip deeper into the waitlist this year. This is anecdotal but I personally know a number of people who have chosen other schools over Mac this year off the top of my head 3 out of only 5 people I know with Mac offers. On top of that there seem to be plenty of people turning Mac down on pm101 this year. Only really Mac's waitlist has moved so much in Ontario on pm101. The waitlist is definitely going into June but the movement won't be as big as May 27th for sure. Last year 3 people got in, 2 on June 6 and 1 on June 12. I think about the same num
  8. Its ok, I received the formal letter. I think what they were doing is sending emails to people asking them if they are still interested before sending a formal offer.
  9. I was given the offer for admissions by email this morning. I realize I'm being a bit too eager but how long does it usually take for you to receive the documents and the formal offer of admission?
  10. Accepted off waitlist to HAMILTON!! I'm flipping out right now, my heart just went from 80 bpm to 150 and my hands are shaking! cGPA: 3.92 VR: 11 IP 3rd year applicant Casper: Thought I did ok, I'm a pretty decent typer, wrote a lot and didn't run out of time on any questions Interview: 2 bad stations (one was just unprepared and the other was a lack of total information), the rest were pretty good. I ran out of time on several stations, so keep that in mind. I tend to talk a lot and have a lot to say, but it worked out in the end! P.S. I only wrote verbal and I man
  11. McMaster has been really active, but yeah I agree regarding the other schools its been eerily quiet. Tomorrow has to be a big day though for the other schools. Mac is probably mostly done.
  12. McMaster seemed to have really early movement like 10:30 am last year so I don't know whats different. Last year the 26th had 5 pm101 offers (with 1 decline), and the 27th had 6. This year there have been 2 pm101 offers (with 1 decline) on the 26th and none so far on the 27th.
  13. Did you get it off the McMaster waitlist or did you get an offer at another school and will be leaving the McMaster waitlist?
  14. No I don't think they sent out any offers today. My guess is the offers will come out either tomorrow or Wednesday
  15. Weren't there two people who got off the waitlist on Thursday, May 21st, fightoffyourdemons and someone else? They removed their posts off the official waitlist thread right? It seems as if then there are 4 people who got off waitlist who posted on pm101 in the last 2 days? Can anyone confirm this for me?
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