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  1. Thanks for the info. It sounds like to much of a risk to go get trained out east with the hopes that there are jobs out west here once your done. I think its safe to say the best approach may be a wait and see approach to see if industry works with the universities to get programs up and running here in Alberta.
  2. Hello, I am looking at making a career change and doing some research on the PA career. I am hoping to speak to some PA's in Alberta to get their perspective on the market here for their services. -Is there a market for it in Alberta? How hard is it to find jobs? Where do you look for jobs once trained? -Is there any talk of a PA school coming to Western Canada, or does everyone here have to go out east to get training? I am concerned because if this was a growing profession in high demand there would be more pressure to have a school in Western Canada, which currently does not exist.
  3. McMaster seems like a great school for more mature applicants. Any advice for people in western Canada?
  4. My wife is an OT and like others have said, expect to take what you can get at the beginning so likely casual/part time. There is a huge demand, the issue in the public realm is funding and its a constant struggle to get new positions opened up.
  5. No I don't need to take any more courses I only need to write the MCAT and boost my EC's.
  6. Awesome, are you also going to beef up your volunteering, etc? I take it your working a full time job and doing all of this on the side like me?
  7. Did you take science pre req's? What are you doing to prepare for the MCAT?
  8. No I am planning to apply next cycle I still have to write the 2015 MCAT. Calgary is ideal for me because of the three year program, and the fact my wife can work there. If I can get into Calgary, my plan is to rent my house here in Edmonton and then rent in Calgary. I feel like I am putting all my eggs in one basket though as Calgary is my only economical chance. My undergrad GPA is also not the greatest (3.46). I am hoping a decent mcat,5 years work experience, and decent MC's make the cut!
  9. I am in same boat. U of A seems to be harder to get into for non traditional applicants since they focus so heavily on academics. Realistically Calgary is my only option. I was looking into American DO schools as well but the debt load really makes me question things. That, and the fact that I am uncertain if my wife can even get a job in the states while I am in school.
  10. You are similar to me. I have Bcomm (2009) Gpa = 3.5 I also work in finance and unfulfilled/bored. I am 28 and have a family. I dont think your age is all that relevant. The difficult part is going for it and taking care of your family - thats what I struggle with. So in a lot of respects we are in the same boat!
  11. Interesting, so if I am a 30 year old accountant in first year I won't be the odd man out?
  12. Interesting, so I wont be the only one coming from finance then? That is shocking. What is the average age of students? Are most people hopping in right after undergrad or are there quite a few career shifters in the class?
  13. I think a lot of lawyers run into this problem. You have to bring in your own business, whereas being a doctor, your clients line up for you. If I were OP I would probably do some volunteering where you are doing 1 on 1 work with people all day long to see if its something you can see yourself doing. Is law really that bad that after 15 years people are trying to quit?
  14. Nice having the balls to look into it. I am in a similar situation, 28 years old and now am considering being a doctor. I also have a wife and a mortgage, etc so I know how you feel!
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