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  1. May this video speak for itself. U of T O-Week 2016
  2. Don't think about it, just do it. Yes it's redundant, but its fine.
  3. I'd be careful regarding this statement. Not sure about McGill, but for every other school in Canada that I'm aware of you need to finish your Masters before enrolment. Myself being one of them.
  4. I will be declining my offer in favour of U of T. I hope one of you can get my spot. I've been there guys, stay positive and most of all, busy!
  5. ACCEPTED to St. George!!!! Time Stamp: 9:25 AM wGPA: 3.98 MCAT: met all cutoffs ECs/ Essays: Put in solid work into them Interview: Felt my best about this one. Year: Final year of Master's Dream come true.
  6. ACCEPTED!!! Time Stamp: 7:52 AM wGPA: 4.00 Stream: English Geography: IP Current Year: Finishing Master's Interview: Felt good about it Can't believe I am posting one of these. After all the hard work and stress, this really is a surreal experience. All I can say is that it is WORTH IT.
  7. Does anyone know if Mac drops your highest and lowest station?
  8. Why wouldn't the committee wait until after the interviews are complete to see if some interviewees didn't show up the day of?
  9. Anyone with Waitlist for Interviews receive a change on their Minerva?
  10. Haha. No I'm on interview waitlist, just trying to get a rough idea when I should be expecting to hear something
  11. What is the deadline to RSVP to interview for the Mid-Feb round of interviews?
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