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  1. Anyone looking for you study partner in Toronto? It’s my retake, PM me.
  2. Anyone studying for April 2019 message me! I’m toronto.
  3. Ya I spent the summer preparing which is why I am so disappointed. I am scared if I write the test, I know my other scores will go up but I am unsure if my cars will down. If it does then that will put me in a worst spot because then I wouldn't be able to apply to mcmaster which I believe I got a fair chance right now. And with low cars I am not sure if the improvement in the other areas will be worth much, mainly because my Ecs are on the low side. Right now I am tempted more towards voiding this exam. Applying to ottawa and mcmaster exclusively and god forbid if I don't get in then retake t
  4. Hi, I am applying to med school this cycle, and working part time as security. I studied this summer full time for mcat even though my other scores improved my cars unfortunately went down. So I will be voiding the upcomming exam and giving it another shot at mcmaster with my 3.87 gpa and 127 cars. I am planning on retaking mcat on jan if things don't go well. Other than that, what would be the most effective thing to do? I graduated last year from my undergrad in neuroscience and psychology from uoft. Maybe research? Another job? Any other ECs to build my CANMEd characteristics?
  5. Hi I am scheduled for the exam 09/18. This is my 2nd take: my first score was 125/127/130/124. I spent summer studying for this exam, devoted most of my energy to studying cars and c/p, and p/s. I did some studying for B/S too. I just did my fl3 and met with the score of **129/124/126/129.** I did fl1 and fl2 last year received 127/124/128/129 and **126/122/127/128**. Now i am really scared about writing and scoring this year. I want to get into one of the unis that pretty much only looks at cars. My gpa is around 3.90. So i don't know whats going on with my cars honestly. I thought iimproved,
  6. fk my life. I had 129 in both fls. And never went below 128 in any of scores in my other fls. I dont even know how i got that.
  7. I just got my score back today. Very unbalanced 125/127/130/124. psy section is usually my strongest so idk what happened. I got wgpa of 3.98. I think my essays were strong. Will I get rejected automatically rejected? Because of the 124? Stressing out right now!!!
  8. I hope they don't. I was doing extremely well in those courses. It would be extremely unfair if they do that because it is something I could not control. If I do the exams I would end up with 90+ no doubt. I will try contacting them tomorrow. If they do say they will give me 0 for those courses then do you think it will be best if I simply don't apply this cycle?
  9. Hi, I got into an accident and had a concussion leaving me unable to write my exams (3 of them) and I ended up doing pass/fail for 2 of the courses in my last year. My deferred exams are scheduled for December of 2017. I will have to wait till Monday to call OMSAS and ask. In my transcript, it appears as SDF. It would be extremely unfair if they give me 0.00 GPA for pass/fail courses and deferred exams.
  10. I entered the pass/fail courses and some of the courses that are incomplete becuase I need to do the differed exams I put them as inc. But the online OMSAS platform counted those as GPA of 0.00. Should I be worried or is that a glitch? Because my grade is incredibly low right now because of it.
  11. I am in need some constructive feedback on my uoft essays. Is there anyone kind enough to look over them for me? I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. The 2nd question is about: Discuss the role of listening in cross-cultural communication to better understand the perspectives of people of different backgrounds. so maybe I can cover the 2nd scenario on that?
  13. The problem is I have to fit those in 250 words. I tried to put both of them together but I couldn't do it. I will try again, but I think I can talk about one scenario and cover it in more detail to be able to fit it in 250 words.
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