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  1. Ontario: most psychologists are billing $150-200 per hour. I do not know the rules in PEI for delegating psychotherapy to others. I do know that if you are in Ontario you can get a license for PEI to possibly providing virtual care to those in PEI. Psychotherapy could be a very good thing for PEI residents given the high demand for child and adolescent and adult psychiatry with ++ wait lists. If you have an interest in GP psychotherapy there may be a role for this. Anything can be modified by a government so I don't know what is doable now is sustainable in the future regarding virtual care f
  2. are you under a week from being done what are your plans? this is terrific!!!
  3. As someone who it took 5 tries to get in to Mac (year 1 of trying- no interview, year 2-4 interviewed but no offer and not waitlisted, year 5 interviewed and offered admission) I offer this advice: Use this year to reflect on what ways you feel you can improve your application and prepare for your guaranteed interview next year. Use this year to your advantage, whatever that may be for you. This is huge to be able to not worry about whether you would be granted an interview or not. Every year I had applied I didn't know if I would receive an interview and I feel very grateful for the opp
  4. with the same kind of trajectory to practice here in Ontario!! and I am sure both are assets to the medical communities they serve. I am glad it has worked out for your friend
  5. we might know the same person, is this person now working in Hamilton?
  6. look at CME events in locations like Cape Cod, east coast, west coast and plan a vacation around these venues so it can be a business expense. You can still get a piece of summer vacation while getting CME. This is what I have done and it sure helps to make something out of the summer. I went to Cape Cod last summer for a course and I felt so rejuvenated. I would have done it again this summer and was booked for it but due to Covid my family and I are not going. Awesome news that you are almost done this post grad journey.
  7. that's a tough one....mac med grad and western trained resident here (grew up in London and not biased at all LOL ) ........welcome to the club........where ever you end up going it will be worth it.......
  8. I hope you can get off the wait list at Western, can you wait until the 11th hour on Tuesday?
  9. I was looking at the chart last night and figured you would be getting a notification this week Congratulations
  10. I am the shrink who was a high school teacher before medicine Love your post!!!
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