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  1. On 5/12/2021 at 7:42 PM, nrcplstake said:

    Time Stamp: 8:13 am

    Result: Accepted

    GPA: 3.98

    Stream: English

    Year: just finished 4th year

    Interview Thoughts: felt that this was my strongest interview and the interviewers were super sweet and friendly!

    Declined for Mac :)

    so happy for you!!! last year's wait list situation must have been super hard for you but look at you now!!! Have fun at Mac- your persistence has paid off :) 

  2. I was accepted to my 3rd choice program. I was able to move back to my home town. I was so glad it worked out that way for me retrospectively. Try not to let this decision overshadow your accomplishment to match to your home school. Having family and friends around for support are golden. You never know where life will take you and residency on balance is really a short period of time in your medical career. You will have so much flexibility to move on to where you want to practice later and that is really exciting !!  Congratulations on achieving your MD. Welcome to the Club !!! :)

  3. 3 minutes ago, 5th time the charm said:

    there on residents on there- you can message them and ask if you can send it along when you get it ? I forgot to mention it is the Physician financial independence (Canada) group- I forgot the Canada part ,  and also take a look at looniedoctor.ca for some additional information :) 

    I just asked the admin- they said yes you can join without it and just do your best to answer the screening questions so they know this is a legit request 

    its also open to med students 

  4. 8 minutes ago, jehube said:

    Yeah it looks useful, it looks like you need your CPSO number to join though which I don't have yet as I am just starting residency.

    there on residents on there- you can message them and ask if you can send it along when you get it ? I forgot to mention it is the Physician financial independence (Canada) group- I forgot the Canada part ,  and also take a look at looniedoctor.ca for some additional information :) 

  5. Ontario: most psychologists are billing $150-200 per hour. I do not know the rules in PEI for delegating psychotherapy to others. I do know that if you are in Ontario you can get a license for PEI to possibly providing virtual care to those in PEI. Psychotherapy could be a very good thing for PEI residents given the high demand for child and adolescent and adult psychiatry with ++ wait lists.  If you have an interest in GP psychotherapy there may be a role for this. Anything can be modified by a government so I don't know what is doable now is sustainable in the future regarding virtual care from another province or the delegations of tasks such as psychotherapy.  


  6. 17 minutes ago, ellorie said:

    All the info on moonlighting in ON is on this site:


    Varies depending on program/specialty - you'd have to see if your program is included at your university and what their specific requirements are.

    That being said, the bare minimum requirement is 18 months of training, so an FM resident would be hardpressed to have time in their residency to moonlight since I'm guessing the last 6 months are exam prep heavy.

    are you under a week from being done :) what are your plans? this is terrific!!! 

  7. As someone who it took 5 tries to get in to Mac (year 1 of trying- no interview, year 2-4 interviewed but no offer and not waitlisted, year 5 interviewed and offered admission) I offer this advice:

    Use this year to reflect on what ways you feel you can improve your application and prepare for your guaranteed interview next year. Use this year to your advantage, whatever that may be for you. This is huge to be able to not worry about whether you would be granted an interview or not.  Every year I had applied I didn't know if I would receive an interview and I feel very grateful for the opportunity I have been given. Yes , I can imagine you are really discouraged about how this year's admissions process has unfolded but don't let it get you down. Sometimes disappointment like this can be a silver lining that is yet to be discovered. :)


































  8. 21 hours ago, Psych said:

    I have a family friend who went to medical school in Ireland with the goal of coming back to Canada, and while he is now an ER doc in Ontario, he had a very long and difficult journey to get there. After med school in Ireland he was not able to match back to Canada and did residency in the states. After that, he had another difficult time transferring from the US to Canada. He was determined to be a doctor, but he now believes that the extremely difficult process for him was not worth it and he regrets this path. Totally up to you if you are willing to risk something like this- but all that said, I would agree with the above posters that Canada is a much better option if possible!

    we might know the same person, is this person now working in Hamilton? :)

  9. 8 minutes ago, Bambi said:

    Summer is never wasted. Throughout med school, summer was strictly for relaxation. I now will need to wait until retirement to do this again, so take full advantage of your summers for R&R.

    look at CME events in locations like Cape Cod, east coast, west coast and plan a vacation around these venues so it can be a business expense. You can still get a piece of summer vacation while getting CME. This is what I have done and it sure helps to make something out of the summer.  I went to Cape Cod last summer for a course and I felt so rejuvenated. I would have done it again this summer and was booked for it but due to Covid my family and I are not going. Awesome news that you are almost done this post grad journey. :)

  10. 55 minutes ago, MDme said:

    Result: Accepted off the Waitlist 4:18pm 

    Geography: IP

    GPA: 3.84 (calculated by UCAN)

    MCAT:  508 (126 CARS)

    Degree : BSc & MPH 

    EC: Lots of research experience, high level athlete back in the day, involved in the arts community, vice-chair of university club, volunteering with community organizations, travel, and lots of other random hobbies and things fairly typical of most applicants. Message me if you want more details. 

    Interview: Felt fairly good about it, though there were some stations I felt I ended way to early and should have had more to say. I have had previous experience with MMIs which helped to reduce my nerves. 

    Beyond excited as this is my 4th application cycle and 3rd year of being waitlisted. I figured I should post to provide some hope to others who have been at it for years and may have a GPA or MCAT on the lower side. 

    congrats!!! :)


  11. 1 hour ago, RNtoMD93 said:

    Hi everyone! 

    I thought I would make an account because I have been accepted off of the waitlist today and have been lurking on this forum for a while now. This has been a surreal day for me because this is the fourth time (in five years) I have applied after being rejected 3x post-interviews. I am a non-traditional applicant from the Ottawa area, and thought I would share some stats for those who are also non-traditional:

    cGPA: 3.9 graduated in 2015

    Context score: Grew up in a small town just outside of Ottawa, attended uOttawa for undergrad. Never lived in Northern Ontario.

    ECs: RN for five years, worked in quality improvement for 3 years, multiple volunteer activities (QI groups, nursing committees, developed and taught sexual health and TB workshops geared towards rural Inuit populations, back-to-work workshops for indigenous populations, assisted with multiple research projects but no pubs, Best Buddies, french classes, Non for profit dance camps, Homeless shelters + multiple others) 


    I know this sounds super cliche, but as someone who has almost given up more than once, all of the struggle (and tears) was all worth it! GOOD LUCK TO ALL <3 



    woohoo!!!! :)


  12. 25 minutes ago, inkbat said:

    thank you!! :) for western i believe they won’t send offers until after the 26th but queen’s might send them on the 26th!

    to get western i’d have to let go of my mac offer and i don’t know if i should do that yet :/

    that's a tough one....mac med grad and western trained resident here (grew up in London and not biased at all LOL ) ........welcome to the club........where ever you end up going it will be worth it.......

  13. On 12/11/2019 at 6:04 PM, LostLamb said:

    I have never gotten around to writing my “story” but if you read my very old posts you will probably piece it together. 

    I am in my last six months of residency (as a subspecialist) of my life and am thrilled that I stuck things out for 5 (non consecutive) application cycles. I am going to do with my life what I literally have always wanted to do—provide medical and psychiatric care for people with developmental disabilities and mental health across the lifespan—I just didn’t know it was a thing when I was very young. I just knew by having and living with a sibling with significant special needs that it was something missing for that vulnerable part of society...and their families.

    Truly, to tolerate the uncertainty of a future career in medicine you need to continue with your life, alternate plans, and put the noise of naysayers out of your mind. 

    many people, family included, spoke directly or behind my back about “why doesn’t she give up?”. Since working toward this goal was not costing them or affecting them in any way, I couldn’t figure out what business they had to speak this way....and ignoring that chatter was very healthy for me but also gave me pause to regularly reflect on whether or not this was what I truly wanted. I am fortunate that both my parents understood and fully supported my goal. You need someone in your wheelhouse—and maybe it’s just us on the forum, but that’s something and may be all you need. 

    Many meander through life unsure of what they want, what the point is, and very unhappy. Having dreams and goals help immensely, but they must also be tempered with a dose of reality. Sometimes you just can’t afford another MCAT or degree, Or your family or medical situation dictates that you need to work or take time off, and this you’ll press pause on this goal.

    The key is that you do not define yourself and your success by a singular outcome, and that you continue to seek growth and build mastery and obtain fulfillment whatever the situation you’re in. And at some point you’ll get into medicine, or you won’t and you’ll find another way of living meaningfully and contently. 

    All the best to all of you, I get how you feel and I have much confidence you’ll all “make it” somehow—whatever that ends up meaning!

    LL (the shrink who almost became a high school teacher)


    I am the shrink who was a high school teacher before medicine :) Love your post!!! 

  14. 16 minutes ago, rmorelan said:

    Yes almost done! Heading back to Canada very soon - hope all is well with you! 

    I will have plans to announce very soon once I clear one final step. 

    Wonderful to hear!!! Long journey for you. Way to go !! :)  I have wondered how its been going for you down there and even more so since COVID hit. We are doing a lot of telemedicine here in Ontario. I am sure you have heard about the hospital/clinic situations. Next week the government has started to open up the elective surgeries and some clinics will start to see how they can open but most important will be PPE and patient/staff safety. 

  15. hi Summergirl25,

    I read your post. What resonated for me was your feeling that Dal was more your vibe....I think listening to your gut is important. There are prons/cons to both places as you mentioned. At the end of the day you want to feel like you made the best decision for you and where you can really picture yourself going and why. There for sure will be opportunities to even come back to Ontario for electives, summer vacations during med school etc. I don't think going to a school for medicine out of province would disadvantage you in any way when it comes to Carms. I would say to go for it.....I am excited for you that you have this opportunity. :)

  16. 1 hour ago, conbrio said:

    Result: Accepted (London)

    Timestamp: 9:01 am EST

    2-year GPA: 3.92

    MCAT: 129/131/130

    Interview: In-person. I practiced a fair bit, once or twice a week starting in November, though slacked off near the end. I read a lot of articles online about ethics, healthcare issues, and news, which was really helpful for interview questions. I went through my personal activities and thought about what I learned from them and how it applied to medicine, and how to talk about it concisely (which was hard). For critical thinking/ethics issues, I tried to be honest about my limitations and lack of knowledge, and how I would address that. I tried to frame some questions from my own experiences growing up in a low SES family and the hardships we faced, not just in terms of health. I rambled a bit and went way overtime during my actual interview though, and I'm pretty sure I didn't actually finish answering all the interview questions LOL. But I guess it worked out somehow. I started off pretty good, rambled a bit in the middle as I got tired, then ended off okay but not finishing all the questions I think. I don't think I really personally connected with my interviewers or made them laugh, they were pretty neutral for the whole thing. But I overheard them discussing my interview after I had left the room (I couldn't make out actual words of course) and it seemed to be pretty active, positive chatter. So I felt pretty good about the whole thing, like a 4/5. Glad it worked out!

    Year: Graduated, working 

    Geography: Non-SWOMEN

    Growing up poor and without access to much support or connections, I was never really sure I could get or afford a university education or even be a doctor. When I was finally able to afford university tuition, this made it hard to do well in school and I ended with a 3.5~ cumulative GPA. Nevertheless, I didn't want to give up and after 3 cycles, I'm so excited to hear the good news today. I'm grateful to everyone (family, friends, coworkers, supervisors) who supported me or took a chance on me -- it's been a team effort and I'm excited to give back going forward.

    I've accepted this offer.

    congrats :) 

  17. 13 minutes ago, mdpwns1763 said:

    Well, tomorrow is potentially my last day of having the dream of being a doctor. With an expiring mcat and a 45% acceptance for in province applicants (assuming maximum seat allocation for out of province), its been a heck of a ride. 

    I hope for good news but I don’t feel confident. I likely have a low TFR as per last few cycles and a 125 cars (but good overall score).

    Wishing everyone all the best on Wednesday! 

    fingers crossed for you 

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