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  1. as a Mac grad, I attended another school for residency and was on internal medicine my very first rotation. I wish I was more prepared for it and could tell that some of the upper year med students doing their clinical rotation likely knew more than I did as a PGY-1 (it may have been also related to doing internal medicine as my first rotation as a clerk over a year before residency started, its not what I finished clerkship with) and seemed more confident in their clinical skills and writing orders. As a clerk we still had to have our orders co-signed. Would I say now that I really k
  2. Totally wish I had that when I was going through my program.
  3. True to psych form I didn't mean to be so long winded but any advice to help out my current and future colleagues I hope is somewhat helpful. There was lots I wish I knew during residency and in the first years of my career so my comments are a culmination of my experiences and thoughts about practice
  4. I think burnout can occur in any field of medicine and I think what is most important is achieving a work-life balance that works for you. Having said that, I think there are important practice characteristics and aspects of practice out of your control that can contribute to the feeling of burnout........ If you decide on a solo practice rather than working with a group of consulting psychiatrists in Private Practice or with a mental health clinic or based in a hospital setting, you may find you are quickly on the burn out pace. I think in part because of isolation, the type of pat
  5. is this offered for practising physicians who are CMA members?
  6. for another school? Great news for you....I was just curious as I thought the first accepted offer meant an applicant was removed from any existing wt lists?
  7. can this be a consideration if you are not sure med school is for you? at least your spot would be held but then you would be not be on the u of t wt list any more I guess. Then you could figure out over the next year what you want to do? I don't know if this would mean you couldn't apply again though....I think this situation is somewhat unique. I'm really trying not to be judgemental. I think my first impression was one of "heart sink" because I couldn't understand why someone wouldn't want to go when there are lots of people gunning for that chance.....but they don't walk in your shoes and
  8. wanting to go to a bigger, warmer city Why throw away an acceptance over the fact that he/she is not too keen on living in Ottawa. I totally get about the personal reasons but some of these just don't make sense.....but on the other hand the wait lister that proudly takes this spot probably doesn't care and will be very grateful. I just hope it works out for him/her. It would be way too risky of a chance for me. And how do you explain to the Uof T adcom next year how you spent your year if they ask, do you explain you accepted an offer at another school and didn't except it with the
  9. why someone would apply to a school they didn't intend on attending. atleast if an offer of admission is going to be declined, it will make a waitlister's day.
  10. Next year you don't get an interview if you don't get off the wait list. It seems like a lot of uncertainty and a big gamble on a medical career that not many people would do. Hope you've really thought this through.
  11. Wage freezes and expired contracts with arbitration next on the table....residency is hard enough without this distraction !!
  12. Coincidence ? I wonder what is in store for us apart from uncertainty?
  13. NDP has plans to increase this......it will affect MD's that are incorporated.
  14. A bird in hand would be better than 2 in the bush. I hope this decision works out for you.
  15. Your students will be called patients!! I'm sure you will find lots of ways of using your skills! Medicine will gain a lot from your experience. I was a former teacher too and it was the best career move I could ever imagine....I waited 5 yrs for my chance and feel so grateful to Mac for giving me a chance. Way to go and don't forget where you came from......and make time for fun.
  16. 5 years of applying to Mac, interviewed the last 4 years I applied, never waitlisted once, got in on my 5th try. It's possible!! If you get interviews you are a competitive applicant and try to remember that...if you keep applying you are bound to get in. That's what I kept telling myself and good things can happen!! Perseverance can be a very important quality that you are learning now for med school!! Try not to lose hope, your day will come!!
  17. you apply to whatever program across the country you want to apply to. You then get interviewed at the school that you applied, assuming you get an interview. If you get accepted to the program, great. So as an Ontario med school student, you are free to apply to UBC for whichever program they offer that appeals to you and interview at if they accept your application. You are not limited to Ontario post graduate programs.
  18. One of my mac classmates did IM residency at John Hopkins Another mac grad after finishing residency in gen surg at u of t did a fellowship in Philadelphia
  19. don't underestimate the benefit of having family around and starting your networking in the medical community if you want to consider staying on there for post grad training and working in the area if you were selected for Waterloo's campus.....it is entirely possible to commute to Hamilton from there...under an hour...I don't know if you were meaning Niagara's regional campus in which case I don't know how commutable that is. I went to Mac....I found the program matched my learning style best, my year had no difficulties with matching to specialties of their choice incl. the ROAD ones
  20. When I applied to Mac for 5 straight years, the first year I did not get an interview. The next 4 times I applied I received interviews but was never wait listed, just flat out rejected for the first 3 of these interviews. Then I was accepted on my 4th interview attempted. Sometimes it involves a little bit of luck, most times though, for me anyway, it meant persisting and not giving up my dream. I have been where some of you are now. It's not an easy day to get through. Many people on premed 101 have applied multiple times and you are reading about them now getting in. I realize it is ha
  21. And many are reluctant to seek help if it means they won't get insurance ( life or disability), it may affect their chances of their top residency choice and they may think there will be issues with their provincial college. The pressures can be immense and stress management is ever so much an important skill in medicine that seems to take a back seat to the formal medical education being taught.
  22. I think it may come to surprise a lot of people how many doctors are burned out, stressed and under the care of a mental health professional. It's hard for some to get off this treadmill of looking after other people often at the expense of their own health. No profession including medicine is immune to this. Some doctors live in a place called denial and some will be the best actors and actresses putting on that facade that they seem happy. It's as if that's the perception that society expects doctors to be......happy, in control, not showing any vulnerability etc. The culture in medicin
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