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  1. may keep a list of city specific accountants that deal with doctors. You may want to make sure they also deal with doctors who incorporate as that experience will be very helpful down the road when/if incorporation is something you may be in a position to do. I don't see the point in working with an accountant who may deal with doctors but has only limited experience with incorporated medical professionals. Also word of mouth with other residents or staff people may be another resource
  2. and I still became a doctor. There can certainly be variability in GPA's getting accepted into some schools...don't sell yourself short and think its all over and you'll never get accepted if you have below a 3.9. It may seem like it but it's only one part of an application. You don't need that added stress on yourself.
  3. there may be an option to do additional training in psychiatry (1 year) or for sure get additional courses for training in CBT, IPT. I have seen some family doctors do a special year in psychiatry but they may also have been sponsored by their association but I'm not sure how it worked. if you are a family doctor you can't bill codes (in Ontario) that are specialty specific and will be paid less than what a specialist could bill. You also can't call yourself a specialist and bill specialist consult fees unless you are a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada an
  4. I work within a family practice that are training sites for the McMaster Med school KW campus. There is the opportunity to do some work as well at Cambridge Hospital, possibly Guelph General. For a non-tertiary care area, there is a lot of high quality medicine being practiced around here. You are close to everything in the sense if you want to go hiking etc there are many conservation areas around that are very close by which I like a lot. You are close to all the major centers like Toronto, Hamilton, London but there is something about this area (KW-Cambridge) that appeals to many people
  5. when I went there I had to defer 3 final exams as I became very sick during final exams., wrote them all in May of the year of the deferral and on my transcript was just the grade in my course, no mention of a deferral. Maybe each institution handles this differently?
  6. Yes I totally agree. If making tons of money and living a lavish lifestyle is what someone is looking for in a medicine career I would really question their motivation, where does caring about patients fit in. I've seen a lot of responses on this thread about "lucrative" specialties, it's very telling what is behind people's motivations and it might be obvious to an adcom as well.
  7. They represent many financial institutions and I didn't bother going through my bank....too limiting and the best rates may be found through a broker Generally you don't pay for this service It's a great time to get a mortgage so thinking ahead to being pre-approved will enable you to lock in a rate for 120 days and if rates go up you get your locked in rate If you see a broker, then consider going back to your bank to see if they will match it, not just the rate but payment options (privilege payments etc) Don't get mortgage life insurance if you can help it.....get your own term insuranc
  8. It's terrifically awful And we did not have a stipend to be able to be paid for call
  9. If you are in ontario you can access the pairo helpline And the OMA physician health program is another resource that can link you up with help where you are You've made important steps towards getting through this. Please don't feel you have to go through this alone.
  10. What aspects of this exam do you all perceive will be harder? the new sections and not having a clue as to the content of these? I think the new test is meant to reflect the changes in medicine and testing some areas that may not have been considered as much in the past as being important in medicine. At least that's what I'm reading about. There may be some advantages to the new test in the sense that maybe admissions cut off for the sections may need to be lowered based on the results they are seeing with the new test. There is no great time for this transition when you currentl
  11. There may be many doctors that as uwopremed said make over 400k and have no overhead or next to no overhead. But most doctors are not going to be working in a tertiary care setting. One could easily think that some doctor's lifestyles in London is the norm but I highly doubt it represents the majority of practicing doctors. And yes it can be a little disheartening to realize a doctors take home pay may not be much more than an ontario teacher who is at that their highest pay scale, with salary and benefits it's close to 100k. And their pension is another perk. And don't forget most do
  12. The comparison with a doctor making as much as a teacher in category 4 with benefits may not be that far off. Why? Overhead by this I mean your staffing costs and supplies. Income tax will take another chunk. Then you need to factor in your practice malpractice insurance, insurance (property, life; critical illness; disability);membership fees; college dues; funding your own vacations and cme's, paying for locums if off for parental leave etc; funding your own retirement as you have no pension; accounting and legal fees for establishing a corporation and/or general practice management aspect
  13. Thermos I will have to start packing lunches for my preschooler this fall and am always looking for ideas You could bring something hot if you had the time to make it
  14. I attended hs in london and did not experience what uwopremed did. Of my graduating class, at least 3 of us went on into medicine...with 2 remaining in ontario for medicine and one going to the states. Perhaps it's way more competitive now such that this is what the experience is really like in high school. As for income, most doctors are not taking home 400k. This may possibly be the average gross (for the majority of the high paying specialties) but it certainly isn't for family doctors or the other lower paying specialties. I know some family doctors in capitated models grossing about 300
  15. The grass is greener on the side of the fence that's watered. If medicine is your calling you'll find your way there. Just don't forget to water your grass.
  16. Just make sure you've looked into each school's requirements. On the outside looking in, if an assessor were to formulate an opinion about why an applicant only took 4 (let's say if it's for a school that looked at the entire transcript) courses instead of 5, I wonder what that opinion would be and if it might affect an applicants chances. It's not to say this will happen but I also don't know is some schools consider a full course load to be 4 so you may be ok.
  17. This year only 7. Maybe more to come? Good luck to you all still waiting......this must be really hard for you.
  18. Taking 4 courses doesn't jeopardize your chances at your schools of choice I would suggest doing what you feel is in your best interest.
  19. If you took orgo in the summer and did take a full course load , are there courses of interest that you could take, do well in and possible broaden your academic learning in a way that helps your GPA and additionally possibly help you in medicine?
  20. I was a pgy-1 resident in psychiatry but recall doing one of my last internal med rotations at st joes CTU. I have to say for an off service rotation for me it was one of the more memorable rotations (not just because I was nearing the end of internship). I found the staff and residents very helpful and told me to call them anytime. It was an enjoyable rotation and of course it helped that my last on call ever in internal med I slept through the night....no pages- I thought my pager was broken or battery had died. I also found the palliative care team very helpful on this rotation to call and
  21. I studied there and totally agree!!! And got into med school with my degree. Proud to be a Guelph Alumni
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