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  1. and that was the year I was accepted. Being a woman hockey player and goalie seemed to really intrigue my interviewers. I recall this conversation really putting me so much at ease and when you can talk about something you have a lot of passion for, it really shows. Good luck to you
  2. I use to seek out an empty classroom complete with a black board I could never study in a small cubicle Sounds like you found something that works and yes, making friends with admin staff can go along way !!
  3. It may be best to narrow down your career choice so you improve your chances. Year over year its hard to know but you don't want to see yourself after all these years of medical school not matching. I didn't know that psychiatry is getting more competitive too so it sounds like students really have to make their decisions soon on in med school and do what they can to have favourable applications for residency spots, irregardless of their specialty choice.
  4. Where did you match? Glad to know the word is getting out there about psychiatry being a great specialty. I work a lot within a collaborative care model and just love it! The lifestyle is great and the pay continues to improve....I don't need to be concerned about less OR time or cuts here and there or no jobs. I'm in Ontario but given the chance back in the day I may have considered Dal for residency but family reasons limited my mobility. I can let you know about some great cme events that happen in Florida in February if you want a nice warm winter break with some learning !
  5. In high school I thought about becoming a vet but I could never see myself being able to euthanize an animal. Hence, I did end up in medicine. I respect vets for doing what I couldn't do. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way.
  6. Back up plans. I also agree with choosing a program you will love and thrive in so it won't feel so much like work. I have my MD and feel very privileged to be practicing medicine. It took me 5 years to get in so don't get discouraged if when the time comes, you don't get in on your first attempt. There are also many advantages to staying home to go to school as much as there are good reasons to go away to school. At the end of the day, what feels right for you will be the right decision. Good luck in your journey
  7. I was just curious. I am a practicing psychiatrist already and we hear a lot about dwindling numbers of psychiatrists and those set to retire and the ever growing demand for services with less of us to provide psychiatric care. There are a lot of jobs in psychiatry and prospective residents I don't think need to worry about not finding a job upon graduation unlike some of the surgical/medical specialties. As you said it may come down to personal preference for this as a specialty and location.
  8. If medicine doesn't work out.....your undergrad degree ideally should be sought based on what else you may see yourself doing, professional degree program or otherwise. This post is not intended to rain on your parade and prospects for medicine. I think if you work hard no matter where you do your undergrad it should work out.
  9. Anyone know why this is was the case this year for Dal and MUN? I Recall seeing 9 spots un filled between these 2 schools Just curious to know why...... There is such a need for psychiatrists in our country and this won't help meet the ever growing demand.
  10. if you go on there it tells you how to go about getting one. I think you can initiate getting it when you write the MCC exam. I would also ask CMPA how to get it. I don't know what to say about the police check. I assume it would be the school's program?
  11. Back in my undergrad one of my grades were downgraded to a 89% because as I recall, the prof said the dept. "didn't give out 90's".......contrast that to a course in Stats (different dept obviously) that I received 93% in. needless to say in the bigger picture it didn't affect me much......but how dumb is that to work hard to be told that when if you've earned it, you should get it. I had the highest accumulated average in my program when I graduated I think overall an A-, but you can see why it would have been harder to get anything above that in the program I was in with the likes of
  12. In the same specialty Some considerations are: 1. reason- I had to meet with the dean to discuss this- I don't think the program director really can keep you in a program you want to leave from but the program you are going to would of course need to interview you 2. your funding would go with you so that's usually not an issue 3. the accepting program would have to have space but sometimes they do as residents drop out, change programs within a school- etc. I ended up starting residency at the school I ranked 3rd, I finished residency at the school I had ranked 1st (for th
  13. Remember that sometimes you could match into a 5th year specialty and possibly switch programs. What is important are: if a program has space and that your funding goes with you, it would not stay with the program if you leave from what I understand. so even if you aren't sure of a 5th year specialty position in the 2nd round, it may make sense to take it, complete your internship year, and see about making a switch if that is even possible and what opportunities this may present for you over taking a 2 year FM position for example I did not switch specialties but I switched school
  14. and it really is a journey but the destination is oh so worth it isn't it!
  15. can you travel into London the night before (possibly taking the Robert Q air transportation van to London from the airport?) or Via Train or bus the night before your interview? I guess regarding the via train on the day of your interview, it would depend on when it was leaving Toronto that morning.
  16. You have another chance!! Hopefully 3rd time will be your charm!! The only other advice I would offer is to be yourself and if the interview lends itself to this, take charge, engage your interviewers in something you have a passion about and show them why you would be a good addition to their program. All the best to you!
  17. really justify the high billing rates for many of these specialties while the lesser paid specialties have gone through atleast the same or more post-grad training but maybe if they are lucky, bill about 1/2 to 1/3 of those who are billing 500K plus. We all have overhead costs. In a time-based practice you can't double-triple book patients and have procedural fees to increase your rate per hour. And given the high no show rate you neither can bill for or bill the patient (who most likely could be on a fixed income or disability pension so why would you do that anyway) I think these
  18. I applied 5 times to Mac and interviewed the last 4 years when I finally was accepted back in the day when they only had 100 seats. Its nice to hear stories like this as they can be extremely inspirational for others who wonder if they should keep applying or just give up and move on to plan B. I approached my last interview telling myself I have alot to offer and to just be myself. The interview started off like no other one and I quickly found myself in my element talking about a passion for hockey and what it meant for me to be a goalie. I remember going with my dad who drove me to t
  19. Will have average/ gross billings much less than more procedural based practices. Time based care like that in psychiatry will make even less despite the same or more number of post grad training years. Most full time psychiatrists (community practice based) gross income doesn't even close to what a family doctor's gross income is, about a third less, with less years of training. It's no wonder not a lot of med students select psychiatry as a career.
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