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    5th time the charm reacted to kronos in Waitlist Party 2020/2021   
    ~86% aGPA and a 516 MCAT. This was my 5th application and first interview I've gotten so there's always hope!
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    5th time the charm reacted to UOA in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted. Can hardly believe it.
    Geography: IP
    GPA: 3.97
    MCAT: 508 (124 CARS lol)
    Degree: BSc 2018.
    ECs: I'm going to include more details for this because I've been lurking on these threads for six years, and I've always wondered what the specifics of everyone's EC's have been. Hopefully this helps!
    Work Worked at a Psychiatry Clinic from 2010 - 2013 Worked at Aritzia from 2011 - 2019 Worked for the University of Alberta Students' Union from 2017 - 2019 as an Event Coordinator where I executed Week of Welcome, Campus Cup, AntiFreeze, etc, and managed ~200 Senior Volunteers Currently working for the Engineering Association in AB Leadership Volunteered with the Steadward Center with Children with Disabilities from 2015 - 2018  Senior Volunteer (Team Facilitator) with the University of Alberta Students' Union from 2016 - 2017  Day Camp Director with my Aunts Business from 2014 - 2017  Co-President of Bridging Borders Edmonton from  May 2020 - Present  Volunteering Run Day Experience Lead for the CIBC Run for the Cure in 2017 and 2018  Communications Director for Nathan Ip's campaign to become the School Board Trustee in 2013 Managed Basketball Teams in Junior High and High school every year from 2008 - 2013  Project and volunteer manager for the YEG Community Response to COVID-19 (we partnered with the food bank, found 130 Edmontonians to be drivers and coordinated daily food deliveries to folks who couldn't afford groceries or were too sick to leave home. delivered almost 500 hampers in total)  Life Experience/Achievements  Talked about how I kept an event from being removed from our annual programming at my UASU job because I finally got 500 students to sign up for it over the course of my time there  Research  Campaign Manager for two student leaders who were running to become the Vice President Student Life and President of the University of Alberta Students' Union (and were both successful)  Instagram account my mom and I run to highlight local coffee shops in Edmonton  For the essays I wrote about my struggle with dependency on medication I was over-prescribed and unfortunately developed an addiction to, how my perspective on receiving feedback was shaped at a very young age by being a basketball manager, something a bit more personal that I'm not willing to share (my apologies), and how experiencing food insecurity as a child is why I wanted to partner with the food bank/help with deliveries to make sure folks in Edmonton didn't have to worry about experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic.
    Interview: Honestly, I felt incredible about the interview. I've interviewed many times and always came out of it feeling meh, but I knew I crushed this one. I prepared every single day for ~two months with some wonderful people I met online (who are also now my classmates and roommates :')!!!!!), so by the time I went into it, there wasn't any topic I couldn't speak to. In fact, I had already practiced many of the questions they asked so I didn't even have to think about my responses. A lot of the stations were also things I was really passionate about, so I kind of went off in some of them and could tell they were a bit taken aback by what I was saying lol. Can't say more without giving away confidential info about the interview. Most importantly though, I didn't hold back my personality in any way. I find that I always tried to be what I thought they'd want me to be in previous years, but this year I spoke like I would to a friend, included a lot of relevant personal experiences, and I was able to connect with the interviewers in a way I never have before. I was also very vulnerable during the panel, in a way that I never have been before, and I could tell that made a difference just by the way the interviewers were reacting. Overall, I would go as far as to say that it was an enjoyable experience.
    Thoughts: This was my 6th and final cycle. I have been rejected 5 times by the U of A, 3 times without an interview, and 2 times post-interview with no waitlist. I feel so genuinely grateful that I stuck it out, because I almost gave up at the end of last cycle. I also applied to U of C for the first time this year and interviewed there too, but I've already accepted U of A. Going to U of A has been my dream for 10 years, and it was an absolute no-brainer clicking the accept button.
    If you got an R: If you didn't get the news you wanted this year, believe me when I say I know how you feel. This process is painful, and will make you sometimes question your worth. Not only is it hard to get past the rejection, but it feels like letting a whole community down every time you have to ask them to write a reference for you/verify your activities/wipe your tears so you can try again, but the silver lining of that is that when you get in, all those feelings of guilt and sadness are replaced by euphoria. If it makes any of you feel better, some of the people I originally prepped with many years ago are now residents, but I wouldn't have it any other way because I LOVE my new classmates and know we were meant to go through the 4 years together.
    Just remember, the field of Medicine deserves people from all walks of life, including those that are currently facing yet another R. So take some time, lick your wounds, but don't give up! You are closer than you may realize.
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    5th time the charm reacted to PTwhatt in Waitlist Support Thread 2021   
    Hey everyone, I wanted to start off by saying if you don't get the news that you were hoping for this year, I am so sorry. This process can seem so daunting and outright impossible at time. I know everyone says "there's always next year" and that probably isn't what you want to hear but truly this isn't a matter of if you'll get in but when. If this is what you want to do, never give up. You WILL be a doctor if this is where your heart lies! This was my 5th consecutive application cycle and I am so grateful to be able to say that I was offered a seat off the waitlist yesterday (IP) at 1:24pm (MST)! If you didn't get a seat this year you are not a failure- think of how much you learned over this past year, how many people you've helped, and how those experiences will translate into providing your future patients with even better care when you finally get in (and you will <3). I'd like to thank everyone on this thread, even though I didn't post, I was checking this page everyday and the support was really comforting. I hope you could all receive an offer for this year and I'm sure some of you still will before class starts! I know it's hard, but keep your chin up, take the time to process your feelings and emotions when this cycle is over (which it isn't yet!!!), and then come back with vengeance for next cycle- know that I am rooting for you <3.
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    5th time the charm reacted to Oneofyou in Waitlist Party 2020/2021   
    I got an offer to my first choice off the waitlist today. Mature OOP VFMP. The only school that gave me an interview among 7 and the only offer I got.
    Really feel for those who are waiting. Just know that if you made it this far you are already qualified for the program so stay positive and keep on pushing. 
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    5th time the charm reacted to bhaggy in UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021   
    Time Stamp: 00:00 on OMSAS
    Result: Acceptance
    cGPA: 3.95+
    Stream: English, OOP
    Year: Just completed my second degree !
    Interview Thoughts: I felt like the interview went well but after so many cycles I wasn't sure. I had a very friendly and warm panel and we had a few laughs. Honestly, this has been a long journey for me. I am a nontraditional student who took 5+ years to complete a bachelors due to a personal matter then completed a second degree (since my first degree GPA was not so great). I first applied in 2015/2016 but received no interviews, 2016/2017 I did not apply anywhere, 2017/2018- rejection pre-interview, 2018/2019- received 2 interviews and waitlisted at both schools, 2019/2020- received 1 interview and waitlisted. And now finally....
    I first want to congratulate everyone for getting this far !! I also want to say that this process/journey is hard and to repeat it over and over again is even worse. But, stick to it, persevere and you WILL get IN. I thought for sure I would not get an offer this cycle, I was already planning for the next cycle because I am so used to rejections lol. Continue doing what you're doing and keep applying!
    DM me for details or if any of you just want to chat <3
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    5th time the charm reacted to microglia in McMaster Med Waitlist Party 2021   
    Can confirm!! Got an offer for Hamilton campus! Timestamp: 12:10pm. I have already accepted as Mac was my first (and only!) choice.
    Best of luck to everyone still on the waitlist and I hope to see all of you in August! Big thanks to everyone on here for being so kind, you'll all make great doctors  
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from nrcplstake in UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021   
    so happy for you!!! last year's wait list situation must have been super hard for you but look at you now!!! Have fun at Mac- your persistence has paid off  
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    5th time the charm reacted to TrustTheProcess21 in UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021   
    Time Stamp: 7:31 am
    Result: Accepted!
    GPA: 3.95
    Stream: French
    Year: Graduated 2019
    Interview Thoughts: I came out of that interview knowing I killed it! This was my third and final interview at uOttawa (3 interviews is the maximum number allowed). To all those who are still trying, NEVER GIVE UP! Press on!
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    5th time the charm reacted to MDWoman in McMaster Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected 2020-2021   
    Result: Accepted (Hamilton Campus)
    Timestamp: 8:37 am 
    cGPA: 3.69
    CARS: 130
    CASPer: I had a guaranteed interview from last cycle so I did not have to write CASPer this year for McMaster. However, I'm assuming CASPer has gone well for me for the past two years because I received an interview last year at McMaster with an even lower cGPA and this year I received another interview at Queens who incorporated CASPer into their pre-interview evaluation.
    MMI interview thoughts: I felt my preparation for the MMI prepared me well for the kinds of questions that were asked in the MMI. Also only completed my interview asynchronously so I did not have a baseline of comparison for the live interviews.
    Year: 4th year undergrad
    Geography: IP
    Guaranteed interview from last year: Yes was on the waitlist last year because of the lottery. The wait was absolutely BRUTAL.
    Will likely be accepting the offer although not 100% decided between McMaster and Queens.
    As parting words I would like to say that although it is incredibly hard to see the positive for those on the WL or those who were R, everything happens for a reason. By not being accepted off the WL last year, I got to enjoy my final year of UG with my friends and colleagues. I will now get to hopefully have a "normal" medical school experience as COVID cases continue to decline over the next few months, while those accepted last year basically did Zoom Med School. Someone once told me a quote that I'll never forget and I hope you find some peace in it just like I did: Everything works out in the end, and if everything hasn't worked out yet, then it's not the end!
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    5th time the charm reacted to rinzler in McMaster Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected 2020-2021   
    Result: Accepted (KW first choice)
    Timestamp: 8:39 
    cGPA: 3.68
    CARS: 128
    CASPer:  must have went well, got invited to Mun (OOP), Dal (OOP), Queen's, Mac, and Alberta (OOP).
    MMI interview thoughts: My Masters and subsequent career in that field provided a strong foundation to answer the MMI questions. I felt that my answers were very strong and had a great feeling afterwards.
    Year: Completed Masters (2018)
    Geography: IP
    Guaranteed interview from last year: Yep, did not win the lottery. The wait was awful.
    I am writing this for fellow lower GPA applicants. This is my 5th cycle in 8 years, what kept me going was seeing fellow re-applicants and low gpa applicants persevere and eventually get accepted somewhere. There is hope if this is what you truly want. Prior to decision day, I knew despite the very real possibility that I may never make it, I would do it all over again and was ready to apply again next cycle. 
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    5th time the charm reacted to theevilsloth in UofT Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted 2021   
    Result: Rejected
    Timestamp: 10:00 am
    wGPA/cGPA: 3.94/3.84
    MCAT: 516 (129/128/128/131)
    Interview: I've never felt great about an interview. This one felt average. One station was good, two were OK, one was terrible.
    Year: BSC. 2019
    Geography: IP
    This was my 3rd cycle, 6th interview, and 6th rejection, but I'm not giving up  Congrats to everyone who got in. To everyone else still trying, we got this!
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    5th time the charm reacted to Borat Sagdiyev in UofT Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted 2021   
    Result: FINALLY Accepted- St. George
    Timestamp: 9:36 AM EST
    wGPA/cGPA: 3.96
    MCAT: 514
    ECs: Research heavy (awards, scholarships, no significant pubs), distress centre, homeless services, health unit work, sports, marathons, started a delivery service for Covid19 at risk populations 
    Essays: Wrote too many essays throughout the years. Tried to make these easily digestible so whoever was reading them would come across this and thank me for making it easy to read :-)! Add personal experiences x100.
    Interview: Can't feel good or bad about it. Was a YouTube vlog submission so? 
    Year: 2 year post undergrad :-P
    Geography: IP
    Not sure where I will be accepting as I have Ottawa, Western and still waiting on BC! There's hope after 3 cycles big yikes!
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    5th time the charm reacted to convertedlurker in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    OMG the 2020 Western Waitlist squad is going big places! I just saw that you were accepted too! So happy for you! This day is turning out amazing. Btw I also started undergrad in 2011. Perseverance pays off man. Proud of us!
    Edit: @Mozzayou got Western too?! Ahh I wish our 2020 summer selves could see us now! Congrats!

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    5th time the charm reacted to convertedlurker in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted!! OMG after 4 cycles! This was my only interview this cycle!
    Timestamp: 8:46 am EST
    2YRS GPA: 3.89
    MCAT: 128/128/128/128
    MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Felt okay about my MMI but felt pretty good after my panel.
    Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sunday, March 28th
    ECs: Piano, exec for 2 clubs, worked as personal trainer and sports nutritionist, hospital volunteering, software company internship, competitive dance, 1 first author pub, international clinical conference presentation
    Year: Graduated in 2017
    Geography: IP
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    5th time the charm reacted to tea-otter in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted! 
    Timestamp: 8:46 AM
    4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.52/3.75
    MCAT: 125/130/130/131
    MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: I thought the MMI went well, and I had made it to panel last year too. Last year's panel I think I fully botched. This one went better, but it seemed a bit cold and there were some technical blips. That said, I've been told by mentors that my interview skills are very strong, so maybe my self-assessment was too harsh here. 
    Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Saturday in the afternoon. 
    ECs: Numerous (I filled it out completely), diverse, long term. Very little research experience. PM me for details. 
    Year: Post grad, currently working full time. 
    Geography: IP
    After the sting of last year's rejection and the dreaded certainty that I was going to get another this year, along with the fact that I'm a non trad applicant... I'm ecstatic. And also still pinching myself. Is this real life? 
    I can't wait to meet my Qmed family! Congrats to everyone who got in, and for those of you who didn't get the news you were hoping for today: don't give up. Keep trying. Med school isn't going anywhere and "not this year" doesn't meant "never". 
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    5th time the charm reacted to PopShoppe in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted
    Timestamp: 8:46 EST
    4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.63 (Yes, it's possible!)/3.83
    MCAT: 518 (130/127/130/131)
    MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: I felt reaaaalllly unsure about the second half of the MMI. The first half I thought I was on top of, but I remember not feeling great about how I handled the second half. The panel, on the other hand, I thought was amazing. I felt that I really connected well with my interviewers and it was like having a conversation over drinks at a bar lol.
    Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sat Mar 27
    ECs:  A lot. Been working in research for almost 3 years, a medical clinic for one, lots of volunteer activities/extracurriculars I've been involved with, particularly around mentorship and global health. Also had a number of activities/hobbies listed. Happy to share details for those interested
    Year: 2 years post-Master's
    Geography: IP
    I'm completely numb. Also posted in another thread, but I find myself in the crazy position of having more than one offer. After 4 years straight of pre-interview rejections, I never dreamed to find myself in this position. My sole focus was trying to get in anywhere lol. I think I'll probably have to spend the full two weeks deciding where I'll go. Excited at the thought of having some of you as colleagues in the near future!
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    5th time the charm reacted to Myos in UofT Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted 2021   
    After 5 years, 4 application cycles, 3 MCATs, a 2-year master's degree, and 1 goal, I've finally been accepted!!! 
    To those who didn't get an offer this year, I know your pain and I know what it feels like. It can be hard to keep your head up. If you're willing to listen to my piece of advice, what kept me going was knowing that I was getting closer and closer each year, continuing to improve my application in whatever way I possibly could, continuing to improve my interview skills, rewriting the MCAT in 2020 to improve my CARS score (it was 125 the first two times I wrote it, I raised it to 131 on my third try!), and having a mentality of getting closer, not farther away. I know this may not be helpful for some people who have had interviews previously and then been rejected pre-interview this year, but if you're at the interview stage then you're so close and you ARE good enough to get accepted! My faith in God was extremely important - all these rejections taught me to be patient and trust in the Lord's timing, not my own. It taught me to be humble, not wanting to be a doctor out of selfish ambition but out of a desire to serve others. It taught me perseverance. I hope this was helpful to someone, and believe me, I know - it's a long and arduous process. Please feel free to PM me if you'd like someone to talk with or want to know more.
    Result: Accepted
    Timestamp: 9:36am EST
    wGPA/cGPA: I think my wGPA is 3.99, cGPA is 3.95
    MCAT: 131/131/128/129
    ECs: Diverse, including multiple experiences in each category (research, employment, volunteering, extracurriculars, awards, etc) - PM for details
    Essays: Felt fairly good about them, got some people to look them over that I trusted. Each essay went through several revisions. Had unique personal stories for each.
    Interview: Didn't go that well, at each station I was left feeling like I hadn't fully conveyed my thoughts and wished I had said more and made my points more clearly. I had actually written U of T off as a reject for this year since they rejected me the past two years post-interview and I wasn't sure I felt like I had done any better than previous years.
    Year: Finished BSc in 2017, MSc in 2019, working at hospitals the past 2 years.
    Geography: IP
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    5th time the charm reacted to Scrubadubdub in Western Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 9:12 am ET
    Accepted/WL/R: ACCEPTED (London)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    SWOMEN (Y/N): N
    2YGPA: 3.82 (possibly 3.9 but i don't think 1 of my years counted)
    MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 128/129/127
    Interview Experience: I felt good immediately after, but then I started second guessing and doubting myself a minute later. Spent March/April dreading a waitlist/R. Looking back now - Westerns interview gives you a great opportunity to share who you are. I was positive and upbeat throughout my interview and really showed them how happy I was to be there. I shared my stories and tried to show them who I was with every single question. 
    I've spent 10 years on this forum reading through these threads and wishing I could write one of these one day. I started my undergraduate degree in 2011 and took 2 extra years to complete it cause my GPA was terrible (My GPA in my first year was 1.6 - I studied so hard but I had all the wrong study habits carrying over from high school). It has been a grind. I can remember going back into my basement for my 4th summer in a row studying for the MCAT all so that I could improve my CARS score from a 125 to a 129 (and of course, thats the year Western drops their cut off haha).
    I'm the first person in my family to go to university and now the first person to go to medical school. 
    I've seen so many of my friends start their lives, while I've been stuck in limbo. I've been out of school for 4 years trying at this dream. Being placed on the normal waitlist last year was HARD. I woke up every day that summer thinking I would get the call.. It feels surreal to get to this point. If medicine is truly what you want, KEEP GOING. Find that school that fits your strengths and give it your all. All you need is one. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. 
    If any one of you feels like you need someone to talk to or want more information or advice feel free to send me a message. So many people have helped me on this forum and written up such thoughtful and helpful responses. I know i couldn't have done this alone. I have a lot of people to thank  
    Cannot believe I'm finally here   
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    5th time the charm reacted to Mozza in Western Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 9:12 am
    Accepted/WL/R: Accepted !!  (Windsor)
    IP/OOP: IP
    SWOMEN (Y/N): Y
    2YGPA: 3.93
    MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 130/126/131
    Interview Experience (good, bad, neutral etc): Neutral, I felt good about some answers and bad about others. 
    I got normal waitlisted last year so I spent months practicing this time around. So happy that it all paid off!  I’m excited to meet everyone !!
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    5th time the charm reacted to elcrew in Western Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 12:01am
    Accepted/WL/R: ACCEPTED OMG!!!! (unspecified campus)
    IP/OOP: IP
    SWOMEN (Y/N): N
    2YGPA: 3.87
    MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 130/128/129
    Interview Experience (good, bad, neutral etc): I felt pretty good about it coming out and was able to touch on some strong points. I definitely connected with one of the interviewers but it was hard to gauge the other two. 
    I am absolutely shocked and beyond thrilled to be in this position. I've been on this rollercoaster since 2014 and its crazy to think it has all culminated to this moment! Writing the mcat *5 times* (1 old, 4 new), going through two degrees, having post-interview rejections, was all worth it for this. For anyone reading, all I can say is keep trying, you will find success in perseverance!! 
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from _gettingthere_ in Having regrets...   
    I was accepted to my 3rd choice program. I was able to move back to my home town. I was so glad it worked out that way for me retrospectively. Try not to let this decision overshadow your accomplishment to match to your home school. Having family and friends around for support are golden. You never know where life will take you and residency on balance is really a short period of time in your medical career. You will have so much flexibility to move on to where you want to practice later and that is really exciting !!  Congratulations on achieving your MD. Welcome to the Club !!! 
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    5th time the charm reacted to PTwhatt in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Reject
    Timestamp: 9:11
    Geography: IP
    GPA: 3.91
    MCAT: 127.75
    Degree: BSc in Biology
    ECs: 8
    Interview: I thought it went well
    This was my 6th cycle. I am completely and utterly defeated. The previous cycles have left me with glimmers of hope for improvement which has helped me stay resilient. This cycle has ended me and I have no clue what to do moving forward. Medicine is all I want to devote my life to..
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    5th time the charm reacted to acacna in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    I'm also a multi-time rejected applicant (5 cycles) and I can relate to how you might be feeling. I've moved on and did not interview this cycle, but it's still such an emotional time of the year for me. Even thinking about it sometimes brings tears. I have had some to process all of this and just wanted to share my 2 cents with you.
    I'm sorry life gave you this outcome. Know that you are not alone and there are many others like you in this boat, including myself. Many don't even bother posting because of how embarrassing it feels to be a multi-time rejected applicant. But this crowd exists and there's a good number of people in your shoes. 
    Life can be unfair, and the medschool admission system in Canada is somewhat unfair (imo at least). The luck element has a big role in the process. And it's not just medschool. There's so much injustice and bs around the world and no matter how much we try, there are certain things we just can't change. The reality is that the admission process for medical school, i.e the system, is extremely competitive and only the cream of the crop will get in. Its unlikely it's something about you. Perhaps there are areas you could improve on, but those may need more time. 
    I know you have put an extraordinary amount of effort towards your goal, and it can be baffling to be turned away with the one word 'rejected'. Its normal to be left jaded by it. I hope you take some time to come to your own realizations and keep working towards those things you care about. 
    When I first started undergrad back in '10, I was once told by an research supervisor/mentor of mine that a medical resident of his took 7 cycles, i.e 7 years, to get into medical school. I actually couldn't believe it lol. At the time it didn't make sense to me how someone could keep going for so long. But people still do because medicine is their passion. 
    Feel free to DM me if you would like someone to talk to. 
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    5th time the charm reacted to Ohvalleyofplenty in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted
    Timestamp: N/A
    Geography: IP
    GPA: 3.93
    MCAT: 511 (128/127/128/128)
    Degree: MSc 
    ECs: Filled out 16/16. Mix of work experience, research (several publications), tutoring, and community work in immigrant communities. Also spoke about experiences such as living abroad and overcoming some personal challenges in my highlights and how they shaped me. 
    Interview: Felt that it went ok overall! Had an awkward moment at my first station, and felt like the panel was a bit rushed. There were 3 stations that I felt I did really well on, while the others felt a bit bland and felt like I didn't offer anything particularly insightful. Compared to previous years I tried to really focus more on structure and going less on tangents, and it seems to have paid off! 
    Thoughts: This was my fourth application cycle. Having been waitlisted by UofA all of last summer and rejected from UofC twice post-interview, I feel very relieved to finally be here. To all of you who didn't get the news that you wanted, I don't want to sound cliché but it really is a question of 'when' as opposed to 'if'. I was really frustrated and jaded last year and was wondering if there was something wrong with me, but I realized this whole process including the interview stage is filled with so much luck and chance that it should never be taken personally. If you have any questions about how I prepared differently this year feel free to PM me I'd be happy to help and give some tips! 
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    5th time the charm reacted to PopShoppe in Western interview invites/regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 3:14
    Invite/reject: Invite
    IP/OOP: IP
    SWOMEN (Y/N): N
    2YGPA: 3.83
    MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 130/127/130/131
    Essays (X/8):  8/8, plus About Me
    My second interview invite ever after 5 years of applying, first invite at Western. Written the MCAT twice. 27 now, have worked in research for 3 years and have a Master's degree. I still can't believe this, was starting to believe getting an interview at an Ontario school was a pipe dream. 
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