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    5th time the charm reacted to elcrew in Western interview invites/regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 3:14 PM
    Invite/reject: INVITE!!! This is my 4th app cycle!!!
    IP/OOP: IP
    SWOMEN (Y/N): N
    2YGPA: 3.87 
    MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 130/128/129/129
    Essays (X/8):  8/8 (re-used 2 activities) and did the personal essay (talked about being in a single parent family on social assistance)
    I AM SHOOK!! I am turning 27 this year, this has been such a long haul for me. I did a BSc then an accelerated BScN. I'm working as an ER nurse now. In my first year I received an interview at Mac, R post interview. Went 2 cycles with no interviews at all. I have taken the MCAT 5 TIMES TOTAL all to improve my CARS. This will be my final year applying as I cannot keep putting off life decisions. I am so excited to have this opportunity!! 
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    5th time the charm reacted to PreMed#219099 in Western interview invites/regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 2:26PM
    Invite/reject: invite (first one in three years – literally in tears)
    IP/OOP: IP
    SWOMEN (Y/N): N
    2YGPA: 4.0
    MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): on the cusp for cut-offs 
    Essays (X/8):  8/8 (no repeats) (thesis-based MSc)
    Been applying since 2018, and this is my first interview invite which goes to say, don't give up on yourself or your dreams! Sending love to everyone! 
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    5th time the charm reacted to MD2B in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Result: Invited
    Time Stamp: 11:10 am

    cGPA/wGPA: cGPA 3.66/ wGPA unsure for Queens (Masters GPA was 3.96- I know they don't consider it, but hey)

    Year: 5 years post masters.
    MCAT: 125/128/127/130

    ECs: I think this is my area of strength. Currently working full time clinically in acute care as an allied health professional. I have work experience in pediatric clinics, community care, private practice, long term care, pharmacy tech in high school. I enjoy doing a lot of mentoring and guiding other undergrad/high school students who want to get into my profession. I work as a clinical educator for McMaster, U of T, Western and Georgian College. I've helped to establish health care programs and initiatives in my home community and my current hospital
    CASPer: Felt great, except one question I didn't get to read the prompt and it went to the next screen.
    I am beyond thrilled. I just want to note for other students on here- I have never taken biochem, physics, or organic chemistry. I taught myself the content for the MCAT this summer while working full time in healthcare during the pandemic. It was an absolute struggle. I know my score is by no means outstanding, but I am proud. Hoping to give some hope to future non-trads, individuals who simply can't return to school to boost their marks/take some MCAT pre-reqs, or those worried about learning the MCAT content. You can do it! So excited for my interview, good luck everyone!
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from MDee2B in Is It Time To Move On?   
    It seems hard but please don't give up if this is your dream
    The average age of my med school class was about 24-25
    I finished residency at age 35
    Despite "late maternal age" I became a mom post residency.
    You are still young and you can do this.
    There is lots of time to start a family and pay off debt.
    I share my life despite a busy specialty practice with a very energetic and inquisitive 4 yr old and I wouldn't have changed a thing !!!
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    5th time the charm reacted to DreamingtobeMD in Interview Invites 2020/2021   
    Timestamp: 7:35 am
    Interview: Yes
    OMSAS GPA: 3.73
    Context: Born and raised in NWO. Population less than 1000.
    EC: Varied sports, volunteering, shadowing, one small research publication, and dedicated employment in my NWO community. 
    Non-trad?: No
    # application cycles: 3rd application, 3rd interview invite (Let's hope 3rd times the charm!)
    Interview details: March 6 @ 10.
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    5th time the charm reacted to Violetvernon35 in Interview Invites 2020/2021   
    Invites are out!!!!
    Timestamp: 7:27 am
    Interview: Yes
    OMSAS GPA: 3.38+0.2 MA boost = 3.58 (my biggest weakness)
    Context: born and raised in NWO. Population less than 2000. 3 years down east in Ottawa area, but came back to NWO 9 years ago.
    EC: Chief Research Officer for Indigenous-based organization, employment working in rural and remote Northern communities, 4 kids, employment tenure in adult learning+ lots of other stuff. 
    # application cycles: This is my first.
    Interview details: March 6 @ 10.
    Definitely non-trad.
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    5th time the charm reacted to nrcplstake in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    TIME STAMP: 4:18 PM
    Result: Interview (MD)
    GPA:  3.98 (OMSAS), I'm not sure how wGPA is calculated
    MCAT: 521
    ECs: volunteer/paid research (no actual publications though), 3 years of sports, cat fostering, hospital volunteer, international volunteering, lots of LGBT advocacy work, military, some national level sports and neuroscience competition, one international sport competition.
    Essays: read over by 2 or 3 people?
    Year: 4th
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from Psych in Advice needed: Try in Canada or go abroad?   
    with the same kind of trajectory to practice here in Ontario!! and I am sure both are assets to the medical communities they serve. I am glad it has worked out for your friend
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    5th time the charm reacted to Kingassault in Queens Waitlist Party 2020   
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    5th time the charm reacted to Dr. Tenma in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted (VFMP) off the Wait-list 6/8/2020
    Geography: IP
    Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
    Timestamp: 3:45 PM PST 
    aGPA: 85.1% ~22.5 AQ
    MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 513 (128/126/129/130)
    Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): SFU Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 2015
    ECs: ~34 NAQ last year. Various things: Volunteered at shelters, Big Brother, some clinical volunteering, NSERC (no pubs), helped the elderly, charities etc etc etc. My application included a lot of my hobbies as I tried to paint a picture of who I really am: I like wrenching on cars so I restored an old Japanese car. I really enjoy photography, and drawing. I also repaired computers and phones on the side. I provided evidence for all my hobbies with links (an album for example). I've had quite a few jobs as well from selling cars to manual labor. For example when the town of Fort Mcmurray burned down I lived in a camp near there for 2 months to help with the clean up.
    Interview: 7 stations went okay, bombed 2 stations (I might as well have gone in there and screeched for 7 minutes). My essay wasn't great.
    I can't believe I am posting this. After 4 applications of straight rejections and 4 MCATs, I finally got wait listed and accepted in the 5th application and 3rd interview. This has been...quite a long and difficult journey. You can look back on my 8 year old account and see all the times when I lost hope completely or when I was researching schools in Poland/Australia/D.O. Schools. No way in hell I expected this. I had completely given up. Last year I quit my job and practiced 250-400 hours for the interview and got below average and rejected. I had practiced with residents, med students, other applicants, professors, teachers, my parents, friends, I gave it my everything so to be rejected like that was a clear message that I am not cut out to be a doctor. I moved on completely. I decided to do a second degree in Computer Science, nothing even health care related. The past 10 years of my life were considered forfeit. I talked to an advisor at SFU about CS requirements and he told me I have everything I need for Jan 2020 intake. Two weeks later as I am applying, they changed their requirements to needing more math courses, I was no longer qualified and UBC's BCS (CS) program wasn't until next September. I was in complete despair at this point. I felt like anything I tried to do with my life, there was a massive obstacle. Like there was some divine force preventing me from progressing while everyone else moved on. It was really hard to not have these negative thoughts. It was the uncertainty around getting into CS for January at SFU that led me to decide to apply to UBC Med one more time, I wasn't planning on it. After UBC MD application was sent in, the CS department decided to ignore their own requirements and admitted me. Finally, I could move on. December comes around and I was surprised to get the interview and grateful, but really did not have the energy or time during my studies to practice like that again. I practiced 2 weeks before the interview and went in. Bombed two stations utterly and completely, and the rest were okay. Nothing as good as my last year's interview. I walked out out LSC thinking to myself this is the last time i'll walk here. A chapter in my life had ended. I just wanted to go home, I had midterms. I didn't even eat the pizza. I didn't think about medical school or the interview again and focused on my studies. In May I get an email that I got waitlisted. I was really surprised but not that excited, given results of the last 4 years, I probably wasn't very high on the list anyways. I was too jaded to be excited. Yesterday was like something out of a dream. I was writing out a strongly worded email to UPS for damaging my car's coilovers when my gmail widget popped up "UBC Undergrad Admis..". I thought it's probably a COVID 19 message or they started rejecting people earlier because the waitlist isn't moving. I opened the email and it said "Congratulations". I stared blankly at the email for 20-30 seconds. I won't go into detail what happened afterwards, you can just imagine what happened. As I trembled for the next hour, I thought to myself...they made a mistake. There's no way. How? The interview was awful. How did this happen. There's got to be a mistake. It honestly still hasn't sunk in yet.
    I am not going to write that perseverance pays off. This could've easily gone the other way and I know many for whom it did not pay off. Despite all the years of applying and taking rejection after rejection and seriously starting to think there's something wrong with me, I still think I got very lucky. There are risks to pursuing this path. I always thought not having backup would make me more motivated for volunteering and doing well in school and that might have been true, but I think the only thing that changed this year was my attitude towards the whole thing ( I didn't do anything new compared to the previous year's application, just a few more hours in what I already had). I didn't have desperation in my eyes anymore, the interview was taking up my time that could've been used for my midterms. The prospects and promises of the CS degree seemed a lot more realistic vs going up against a hyper competitive application pool. I had other plans, I was pursuing something else at the same time. Something else I enjoyed, but it wasn't necessarily my dream. The outcome of this interview was no longer a zero sum game. It wasn't really as important as last year when there was so much to lose. It had become something I had to do. And perhaps that attitude is something they like. Perhaps it comes off as being more confident.

    If future applicants have questions about my ECs feel free to PM me!

    I look forward to meeting my classmates soon! (well with covid...maybe soon?)
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from Bambi in wasting the summer?   
    look at CME events in locations like Cape Cod, east coast, west coast and plan a vacation around these venues so it can be a business expense. You can still get a piece of summer vacation while getting CME. This is what I have done and it sure helps to make something out of the summer.  I went to Cape Cod last summer for a course and I felt so rejuvenated. I would have done it again this summer and was booked for it but due to Covid my family and I are not going. Awesome news that you are almost done this post grad journey.
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    5th time the charm reacted to Bambi in wasting the summer?   
    Summer is never wasted. Throughout med school, summer was strictly for relaxation. I now will need to wait until retirement to do this again, so take full advantage of your summers for R&R.
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    5th time the charm reacted to aldywood in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Thanks! A story many years in the making. I didn’t consider it a financially viable option when I was younger. I’ve wanted to make a switch for a long time but my career has worked out well with young kids. A few years ago I knew I was ready to give it a shot. I attended the UBC diversity in medicine symposium, geared to non-traditional applicants, and I was very inspired and really identified with the stories. I started self studying the science material to write the MCAT, using edx.org and khan academy. I wrote it last summer and spent at least a month going through my life experiences and writing my application. I was accepted off the wait list today to NMP (my first choice)! My family and I are incredibly excited.
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    5th time the charm reacted to thankful23 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Long time lurker, thank you everyone for your contributions and dedication to this thread. Off waitlist today at 11:50AM.
    Original waitlist timestamp: 7:39:25
    Stream: English
    wGPA: 3.95
    Geo: IP
    EDIT: This was my 5th time applying, and my 4th time interviewing - needless to say, keep your heads held high and eyes on the prize. It will come! Will likely accept unless i get off U of T waitlist - will definitely keep you updated. All the best to you guys!
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    5th time the charm reacted to Fast_Layne in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    WOW what an interesting background! What made you want to switch from marketing to medicine?? 

    (Also, congrats on your awesome CARS score)
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    5th time the charm reacted to MDme in Calgary invites/regrets/waitlist 2020   
    Result: Accepted off the Waitlist 4:18pm 
    Geography: IP
    GPA: 3.84 (calculated by UCAN)
    MCAT:  508 (126 CARS)
    Degree : BSc & MPH 
    EC: Lots of research experience, high level athlete back in the day, involved in the arts community, vice-chair of university club, volunteering with community organizations, travel, and lots of other random hobbies and things fairly typical of most applicants. Message me if you want more details. 
    Interview: Felt fairly good about it, though there were some stations I felt I ended way to early and should have had more to say. I have had previous experience with MMIs which helped to reduce my nerves. 
    Beyond excited as this is my 4th application cycle and 3rd year of being waitlisted. I figured I should post to provide some hope to others who have been at it for years and may have a GPA or MCAT on the lower side. 
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    5th time the charm reacted to Maggition in McMaster Waitlist Party 2020   
    I just got an offer!!!! Maybe I got @TheFlyGuy's offer!
    Time stamped 3:33pm EST
    Niagara Campus
    I had already arranged for a Master's program, I'd lost hope but here we are. Good luck to all of you!!!
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from RNtoMD93 in NOSM Waitlist 2020   
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from hijkl in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    that's a tough one....mac med grad and western trained resident here (grew up in London and not biased at all LOL ) ........welcome to the club........where ever you end up going it will be worth it.......
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    5th time the charm reacted to MDWoman in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    I think the latest you’re allowed to wait is till 11:59 pm EST on the 26th 
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    5th time the charm reacted to rmorelan in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    yeah that is stressful! If you do it is a pure leap of faith (but know that both schools are excellent). 
    In general the delay in Western is of benefit - if you are on the Western waitlist you want all the other waitlists to move as soon as possible as it may free up a spot for you. 
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from hijkl in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    I hope you can get off the wait list at Western, can you wait until the 11th hour on Tuesday?
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from Neuroresearch in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    I was looking at the chart  last night and figured you would be getting a notification this week Congratulations 
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    5th time the charm reacted to MD_endgame in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Wanted to update everyone that I heard back yesterday around 5pm! I've sort of been in disbelief for the past 24 hours but super excited!!!
    Really hoping everyone here hears some positive news soon  You have all been so supportive and will all make amazing doctors one day - don't give up 
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