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    5th time the charm reacted to della19 in Interview Invites Are Soon!   
    I know the frustration that fuels that feeling, but you shouldn't think of it that way. If I thought about it that way, I've probably "wasted" a good deal more than a thousand dollars in my three cycles, and that's not true.  I applied to several schools each year and was only ever going to attend one, so technically speaking all the apps each year but one was a "waste," and if I'd thought like that, I'd have never applied to MUN as an OOP with so little a chance of getting in.  At the end of the day, that money is an investment into your future that will pay off when you get accepted somewhere, and until then, rejection sucks, but don't let it sour you.  Not to quote from Batman here, because I am serious, but it really is true: med school isn't full of people who got knocked down and stayed down, it's full of people who got knocked down and then got back up, and tried again.  
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    5th time the charm got a reaction from MDee2B in Is It Time To Move On?   
    It seems hard but please don't give up if this is your dream
    The average age of my med school class was about 24-25
    I finished residency at age 35
    Despite "late maternal age" I became a mom post residency.
    You are still young and you can do this.
    There is lots of time to start a family and pay off debt.
    I share my life despite a busy specialty practice with a very energetic and inquisitive 4 yr old and I wouldn't have changed a thing !!!
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    5th time the charm reacted to Med0123 in Med Students/residents..what Surprised/dissapointed You The Most?   
    As rogerroger said there are a LOT of dogmas in medicine that you can't even question (withdrawing of a chest tube when the draining is less than 200 cc/24h, thoracotomy if 1500 cc of blood, and so on…)
    In addition the emphasis of Evidence Based Medicine is sometimes SO important that you can't prescribe a drug / do a procedure if it has not been correlated to improved outcomes by a p < 0.05.
    The contrary is also true and you see sometimes a "revolution" in medicine with the super-duper-new drug costing 12314 times more than the old one with a not so clinically significant improvement on patients...
    What disappointed me the most? Cost of medicine related to 
    1- cost of medicine related to MDs habits and inertia toward requestionning what they learnt
    2- administration-related bs
    3- crazy-lazy patients
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