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  1. I find that a bit ironic. So it will be "safe" for us to gather together to socialise, but not "safe" to attend classes in small groups. oh well lol
  2. i wonder how substantial the social aspect is gonna be if everything is virtual. how many people are gonna bother moving near campus to socialise with?
  3. I don't think any HWL got London this cycle. There were several unspecified who wanted London but got Windsor instead.
  4. You explained it perfectly. We know that London (133 offers) got filled already before any WL movement happened. If we assume that they sent 171 offers initially, the maximum # of seats that could have been declined would have to be 171-133 = 38. But we know the number declined is less than this because some people would have selected Windsor as their first option and there were unspecified who were assigned Windsor.
  5. I still don't understand how ~80 WL movement can happen out of less than ~30 Windsor seats, unless they over-offer...
  6. Ok, but those things are qualitive and subjective. For example, a 3-yr program could happen to be a pro for people who want to save an year. Also, being at Hamilton for its proximity to Toronto is another subjective pro. However, The objective and quantitative indices show no difference or disadvantage for the Mac program. I just wanted people to know this.
  7. Lately, I have noticed a lot of negativity surrounding the McMaster Medicine program, almost as if it is the worst thing that could happen to get an offer from it. Most of these are either baseless rumours or wild speculations that aren't grounded in reality. COVID-19 will affect all schools. Claims that it will somehow affect Mac disproportionately are merely personal opinions and conjecture, not facts. For some actual data, take a look at the match data for the schools published by CARMS. For 2019, It shows the McMaster had 196 matched and only 6 unmatched which is one of the lowest unmatche
  8. the fact that london is full by the time HWL gets offer doesn't necessarily mean they over-offer..it just means that london is full. remember that any declined london seats go first to the unspecified people before they reach the HWL people so by the time it gets to HWL, there may not be any left. also, some of those 78 declines could also come from people who are already accepted at an OOP school but also chose to remain on the Western WL and when they get an offer, they they decline for various reasons..
  9. Maybe those small number of Windsor offers were declined multiple times over the course of the summer and added up to 78?
  10. @rmorelanDoes Western send more than 171 offers/over-offer in their initial round of acceptances on May 12? I think that would beat the purpose of having the 3 tier waitlist.
  11. I really have a feeling these threads are made by people who are actually on the McMaster waitlist and are spreading negativity to get people to decline their offers so they can get in.
  12. I am also high wl at western and i am not sure I would take the risk if I had another offer. It clearly states in the email there is no guarantee of admission. Besides It might very well not clear this year because it is not a typical year..we are literally at the mercy of other people declining their offers for other schools and it is not a good feeling.
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