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  1. Have you addressed the fact that you lied about being a medical student? Delete your account bro.
  2. To be honest, this provides a great opportunity for research. Anecdotally, we believe that we can differentiate the top 5% and the bottom 5% of applicants, but there is a large swath of people in the middle. I personally can attest to this from being an assessor for multiple MMIs and having trouble differentiating applicants. In truth, most of the people McMaster interviews would make great physicians. So maybe we do not need to separate applicants by decimals (how they did on one station vs another, or a mild difference in GPA). Maybe the interview should just be used for cutoffs and if
  3. I completed my LoC with Viktoriya with just the acceptance letter. It took about 2 weeks for everything to clear.
  4. For the purposes of data: I got off the waitlist ten days after acceptances were sent out. There is a roommate document on the Facebook group, and the # of people on it has more than doubled since I put my name on it (there are 77 names on it right now). Of course, it's possible that some people who got in super early didn't add themselves to the document until now... Still, as long as Wendy has not sent the "class is full" e-mail, there is definitely still a fair chance (people are getting added to the group semi-regularly).
  5. Did not prepare for CASPER and got an interview with a 3.80 cGPA and 10 VR. Everyone's different.
  6. Looks like the anti-pinks formed a coalition for teal.
  7. Sorry if this has been answered before, but is the RBC limit (275k) the same for 3 year programs like McMaster? EDIT: It is the same.
  8. Accepted off waitlist to Hamilton campus (11:30) am. ECSTATIC. Good luck, everyone!
  9. Chances are, at least one person from PM101 will get off the waitlist in 2 days. The floodgates are opening...
  10. I think they reject between 25-40% of people they interview.
  11. Waitlisted Time Stamp: 8:22 AM GPA: 3.85 CARS: 129 (did not write other sections, so don't be concerned if you only write CARS) IP 4th Year UG EDIT: Accepted off of waitlist May 20th at 11:30 am to Hamilton campus (1st choice).
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