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  1. Thanks! I know that people are generally understanding of interviewees and their nervousness, and it's also calming to see the answers in this thread too
  2. Hahaha hopefully they liked our jokes more than they disliked the "un-professionalism"
  3. Hmm I said a few swear words when talking to another interviewee on the tour, I don't know if any med students were around to hear it. And I told a funny story that can be connected to underage drinking to another interviewee and med student...(seems so dumb now but they all laughed at the time and I thought it was no big deal until now). So right now every time I think about it I cringe a bit.
  4. Is there any chance that our behaviour outside of interviews (e.g. during the tours with current medical students) are also observed, and potential red flags can be reported to the admissions committee?
  5. Do you know what the Ottawa cut off is for out of Ottawa but in Ontario?
  6. Just to make sure, is this the minimum cutoff to apply in the first place?
  7. Does anyone know what the minimum GPA requirement is to maintain an acceptance from each of the Ontario schools? My grades will probably drop a bit this year (4th year undergrad) to 3.87, and while I feel like it wouldn't be low enough to get rejected if I do get an acceptance (also I might be in terrible shape if I have to reapply), I'm curious as to what the expectation for upholding academic standings is post-acceptance. Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks for the response! I applied to Ottawa this year but didn't get an interview. I think it's because my GPA wasn't competitive enough, especially for applying after 3rd year. I also wasn't able to have a really strong supplementary app because they only look at ECs during university, so a lot of the things I did in high school didn't make the cut. I already registered for an MCAT in the summer, so I won't be able to take on a lot of ECs at the side, which is the one thing that really worries me. I didn't have any leadership roles in university, because I already had experience in high scho
  9. Hi guys, I've only just recently began to realize how competitive it is to get into med school, so now I'm starting to get really worried about my chances of getting interviews. Please let me know exactly where I stand: OMSAS GPA 1st year: 3.918 2nd year: 3.908 3rd year: aiming for 3.96-3.98 MCAT PS 14 VR 9 BS 12 (retaking it this summer to get better VR) Volunteer Distress call center responder (dealing with people in crisis); ~1 year Alzheimer's society volunteer ~1 year Working with people with addictions/people in poverty ~1 year Hospital volunteer ~3 years Neuro
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