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  1. What school lets you place implants and do perio surgery in undergrad? Just curious
  2. I would say our operative and endo experiences are pretty good @ western. Our prosth (both fixed and removable) seems more limited in terms of cases completed. What's ortho? Paeds? Wrote boards today and they were a breeze.. am I right, Zaandr?
  3. so they have actually shortened the basic training.. it used to be 7 weeks and then 8 weeks (what I did) as stated above Last year the 1st part was only 5 weeks and apparently, they are looking at shortening the 2nd part as well. that being said at a lot of dental schools you may be able to complete the full basic in one go
  4. Yes and if you repeat a year (or fail on purpose)of a 5 year program you can cut it down to 2 years
  5. .. just go to the website and fill out an application now. Unless its changed you just fill out an online form. There are no deadlines etc from year to year. The application is a process and continues all year round for applicants
  6. Just curious.. when/where did you hear this??... its the first time Ive heard this 6 year obligatory. I tried a qucik search online but couldnt find anything
  7. http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/caf-community-pay/reg-force-class-c-officer-rates.page scroll down to medical/dental officers. A trained/licenced dentist starts as a Captain 1st incentive level. While in school you are paid as a 2nd lieutenant. The pay listed is monthly pay plus there is a non-pensionable "bonus" of 10,000 per year for dentists (20k for MDs) There is also talk of a 20-30% pay raise for MD and DDS's to be more competitive with civvy street for retention of trained personnel. The CAF invests a lot of money in both training and retention and to have people lea
  8. I forgot 2 things. One person from my school did get in in her 3rd year. She had previous experience working with the military. Another. it took me almost a year from the date of my application to when I actually got into the military. Be persistent and don't be afraid to call. My file was "lost" at one point and I lost almost 4 months of the process which takes at least 4 months anyway I've been told.
  9. I think the military doesn't like to take students in their 3rd year. Your obligatory service would be pretty low and retention after obligatory service is pretty poor for both dentists and MDs. It's likely for that reason that you were overlooked. Some people at my school got in in 2nd year but most got in during their 1st year. Even people that applied in 2nd year did not get accepted. There was an internationally trained dentist at our school who applied (2 year program) and he was basically told the same thing I am telling you. Also don't believe anything the recruiters t
  10. Yo turbografx16.. i hope you get into uwo just because you have the best handle... Bonk all the way
  11. The above is true.... they occasionally have sign on bonuses (there is one now for physicians) however there are no current incentives for already trained dentists other than the fact that you get immediately promoted to captain and the pay is about 135k/year to start.
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